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A complete guide to golf cart batteries 2023

Looking for some terrific golf cart batteries? It goes without saying that the batteries are the lifeblood of your electric golf cart. And because of the high cost, people who opt for electric carts worry most about the cost of changing golf cart batteries.

You may not give much thought to the golf cart’s batteries, but your cart’s performance depends on them. The battery system’s design affects the electric golf cart’s top speed, acceleration, and range.

Maximizing the performance of an electric golf cart requires a thorough understanding of its battery system. Find out everything you need to know about gold cart batteries right here.

Types of gold cart batteries

A golf cart’s battery needs will vary according to the model. Most ordinary carts require a 6-volt golf cart battery, which is why so many people use them. The 12-volt or 8-volt golf cart batteries are the other two common alternatives to a 6-volt golf cart battery.

While adjusting your cart to use a different type of battery is possible, most people just go with what the manufacturer suggests to avoid any potential hassles. Deep cycle batteries, used in electric golf carts, are available in various voltages and charge rates to provide reliable, long-lasting power.

Best golf cart batteries for better performance

Selecting the ideal golf cart battery from the many available options is a simple task. Don’t drive your golf cart like it’s a car or a boat.

Several factors, including your current cart, your budget, and how you want to put your golf cart to use, will determine the best battery for your needs. Aside from the best choices for your golf cart’s battery, there are also some less desirable alternatives. Marine batteries can be used as a last resort, but they will only extend your recharge time by a small margin and may even cause permanent damage to your golf cart‘s other electronics. A conventional automobile battery isn’t the best choice for a golf cart, despite what your neighbor may tell you.

You can also use lithium golf cart batteries, 8 volt golf cart batteries, 12 volt golf cart batteries, 36 volt golf cart batteries, and 48v lithium golf cart batteries.

Lithium golf cart batteries

The popularity of lithium golf cart batteries can be attributed partly to the fact that they last a very long time. The lithium-ion batteries used in golf carts can be recharged up to 5,000 times. That’s more than twice as long as the average life of a 6-volt or 12-volt golf cart battery. However, maintaining a lithium golf cart battery is sometimes more challenging than it first appears, and improper care can render it useless.

Best Selling Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Absorbed glass mat

AGM batteries, short for “absorbed glass mat,” are a type of lead-acid battery that is hermetically sealed. The AGM battery’s lead plates are sandwiched between fiberglass mats that have been wet with electrolytes. Because of its sealed, leak-proof AGM design, AGM batteries never need to have their fluid levels replenished.

Less upkeep is needed for AGM batteries than for standard lead-acid golf cart batteries. Unfortunately, the price of AGM batteries often exceeds the value they provide.

Best Selling Absorbed glass mat Batteries

Lead acid batteries

Currently, most golf carts on the road are powered by conventional flooded lead-acid batteries. However, this quickly changes as lithium batteries become standard on new carts from all major manufacturers. Traditional deep-cycle lead acid golf cart batteries are still available as standard equipment by all the major golf cart manufacturers. They are suitable for virtually any use you can think of for a golf cart (including off-roading and more).

Lead Acid Battery Brands

BYJOPH – Lead Acid Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

EKECOO LED Displayer Golf Cart Charger for EZGO

Advanced Control Chip & LED Display & Indicators

EKECOO golf cart battery charger features a compact body yet high Efficiency (>85%), charging faster than conventional charges, aluminum shell to protect it from abrasion, quite ideal for golf cart, e-scooters, e-bikes, etc.

GOOLOO – Lead Acid Batteries

Golf cart batteries

Gooloo S6 Smart Car Battery Charger Trickle Chargers

designed for all types of 6volt and 12volt lead-acid batteries
  • It is a automotive battery charger not a jump starter.
  • It is a automotive smart battery charger with multiple safety protections.
  • It is a smart battery maintainer for maintain all battery sizes( exclude lithium batteries).
  • It is a ideal vehicle battery trickle charger for the batteries in Car, Truck, Motorcycle, RV, SUV, ATV, golf cart, tricycles, agricultural vehicles, bus, etc.

FOXSUR – Lead Acid Batteries

More Lead Acid Battery Sales

8 volt golf cart batteries

8 volt golf cart batteries are one of the more reasonably priced solutions for your golf cart and work well for everyday uses like cruising the golf course or leisurely navigating smooth sidewalks. However, these golf cart batteries are not recommended for off-roading.

Best Selling 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

48 volt golf cart batteries

The golf cart with a 48v lithium golf cart battery is modified for off-road use. Low-tech battery solutions, such as 6 volt or 12 volt golf cart batteries, can compete with a 48 volt efficiency and power. Unfortunately, their higher price tag makes them less accessible. However, if you decide to sell your golf cart in the future, the investment in a 48-volt system will have paid for itself.

Best Selling 48 Volt Golf Cart Batteries