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Author: William Kerner
Date: March 17, 2020

Are AGM batteries better? Top Reasons Why You Should Choose AGM

AGM batteries

A question that people frequently ask about car batteries is whether AGM batteries are better or not when compared to their counterparts. There are very few vehicles that prefer lithium-based battery products for its running. Most of the vehicles running today use either AGM lead acid or flooded batteries for the cars.

Why go for AGM?

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries became popular in the 1980s that were used in military vehicles as well as aircraft in order to increase its reliability by reducing the weight. They are able to function under a lot of conditions. Some people believe that for automotive applications, Gel batteries are used but that's wrong as they get confused between gel batteries with AGM batteries that are made out of totally different compositions and technologies.

Most consumers prefer AGM batteries over any other flooded car batteries (lead-acid battery). AGM batteries are a little costly as compared to any other flooded counterparts available but it's worth the benefits it provides over flooded counterparts such as great performance and amazing designs such as grid energy storage and power applications etc.

Why is it better than flooded batteries?

  • The absorbed glass mats present in AGM batteries makes it more resistant to vibrations when compared with flooded batteries. The flooded batteries usually hand the lead plates inside the electrolyte solution present in the battery. Absorbed glass mats are a fiberglass matting where the electrolyte is absorbed.
  • The electrolyte is kept along with the thin fiberglass that is situated among the lead plates. The main aim of using matting technology is to make it spill-proof by encapsulating the acid. In order to have a good and long-lasting performance from the vehicles automakers have changed battery locations more often.
  • Sometimes the batteries were moved to the trunk or interior instead of keeping them under the vehicle's hood. It is harder to access these batteries if the automakers try to use batteries that require less maintenance and less change. What site applications, AGM batteries are ideally suited because AGM batteries provide external venting, in the case when the batteries get overcharged and don't require venting of external pressure.
  • The AGM batteries are also maintenance-free as well as don’t require any kind of water services. They require minimal gassing thus making it suitable for the automakers. The AGM batteries have minimal internal resistance and have the capacity to deliver high currents when needed and can also handle high loads of power. Even if they’re deep cycled they tend to have a long service life.
  • The dod (Depth Of Discharge) offered by AGM batteries is 80% whereas the flooded batteries offer 50% DoD. Moreover,  the charge of AGM batteries is considered to be 5 times faster when compared to flooded batteries.  Another feature of AGM batteries is that it is not prone to sulfation whereas normal batteries need a topping to prevent sulfation in 6 months. AGM batteries tend to stand up even in low temperatures.

AGM batteries help to run accessories that require high power such as steering wheels, windshields, and heated seats, etc.  AGM batteries are also ideal for start-stop applications (such as in-car with start and stop button). AGM batteries tend to have a battery life two to three times more as compared to normal flooded batteries, so you don't need to test batteries often to check if they are still in the right condition. The safety provided by AGM batteries is that it prevents the acid from spilling thus preventing hazardous mishaps.

AGM batteries can be given any kind of orientation which is also easy and can be done by wiring and placement. The AGM batteries contain less lead and electrolyte when compared to the flooded version of batteries. Like two sides of a coin, AGM batteries have some pros and some cons. But it’s clear that the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

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