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How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XS Max 2022

With the notch bar’s innovation in iPhone xs max or all the devices in the iPhone x series, there is less space to show other features of the iPhone that includes battery percentage. Moreover, a battery percentage can help you when your iPhone needs a charger so that you can use it wisely.

The notched bar contains cameras and sensors that are used for face id and selfies. However, it takes a lot of space on the notch bar, and all you will see is the time, cellular, Wi-Fi, and battery icons. If you experience a dead iPhone battery, you can take the reconditioning program of EZ battery reconditioning and give you the iPhone battery a new life with the help of the reconditioning guide. Make sure you wear protective gear while performing such treatments, like gloves and glasses.

Looking For A New Phone?

If you are going to use your iPhone xs max for the whole day, knowing your iPhone battery percentage will help you use your iPhone wisely. However, you can check the battery percentage of your iPhone quickly in several ways.

  • You can open the control center by swiping up from the button, and you will see battery status at the top right corner.
  • You can add a battery widget to your iPhone by swiping left to right, click on the edit button, and press the + sign next to the battery widget. You will see your iPhone battery status in the battery widget.

The information mentioned above will tell you how to check your battery percentage in iPhone xs max.

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