Best Battery Replacements for LG G5

Powerful Review For The LG G5 Battery Replacement 2023

With the launch of the LG G5 device, LG made sure to turn heads. From it’s always-on display to its two separate camera shooters, this device allows for flexibility and class. With the device’s modular design that allows the use of add-ons, your experience with the device is made more personalized. Including its 2800mAh lithium battery, you are sure to enjoy this phone for a good amount of time, however you probably came here to get the LG G5 Battery Replacement and it’s a normal practice for an aged phone.

However, with an increasing amount of time, about 24 months, problems like device overheating and device lagging or being unresponsive come up. This can be due to the decay of the battery, as lithium batteries start decaying after 500 charge cycles. Purchasing battery replacements are affordable and we are here to show you the best battery replacement options.

Best Battery Replacement Buyers Guide for LG G5 (1)

A battery replacement is much more affordable than a new smartphone. However, getting a battery replacement is more than the price. You also have to make sure that you get the best and not a battery replacement that may damage your device. Here are some guidelines to help you get the best battery replacements. Make sure to go through them before deciding to get a new battery.

Does the LG G5 Battery have a warranty

When purchasing a battery replacement, make sure to check if it has a warranty. This is to ensure that it can be replaced if you happen to purchase a malfunctioning battery replacement. With a warranty, you do not have to pay and the issue gets resolved.

Is it certified

The battery replacement has to be certified by trusted bodies such as the RoHS and CE. This guarantees that the battery is safe to use and will not harm your device. Purchasing a battery that does not have a certification is risky to the health of your device and may end up damaging it.

Battery capacity

It is advisable to get a battery replacement with a capacity that is close to your old battery. In the best cases, you can get one that is compatible with your device and has a larger capacity than your old battery.

Buying Guide for Best LG G5 Battery Replacement (2)

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Other Brands To Consider For The LG G5 Battery


Being a grade A+ cell battery, with an integrated microchip to prevent overcharge and extend battery life, this battery replacement can be the one.


Fully compatible with LG G5 VS987 / H820 / LS992 / H830 / H850 / US992 / BCK-5100 H868 H845 H850 G5 dual Sim (BL-42D1F) mobile phone.
FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.
3500mAh capacity.
12-month warranty
30-day quality worry-free return and refund.

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This battery replacement packs a lot of power. With 3200mAh capacity, it is sure to leave your old battery in the dust. A Grade A+ battery is guaranteed to last about 600 cycles and power your device for longer.


  • Compatible with LG G5 BL-42D1F VS987 /H820 /LS992 /H830 /US992 /Dual H860N / BCK-5100.
  • 3200mAh battery capacity.
  • CE and RoHS certified.
  • 12-month warranty
  • 30 days’ refund policy


This battery replacement comes with a 24-month warranty. The best warranty coverage so far. A good choice for that extra security.


  • Compatible with all LG G5 VS987 Verizon, H820 at&T, LS992 Sprint, H830 T-Mobile, US992, H845 Dual H850 H858
  • Capacity: 3200mAh
  • CE and ROHS certified.
  • 24-month Worry-free Warranty.

DIY Guide for Replacing Your LG G5 Battery

Step 1: Removing the Battery Panel

With your LG G5 device’s screen facing upwards and the charging port facing towards you, hold the button in the lower-left side down, grip the area below the screen and pull out. This brings out your battery, still attached to the charging port.

Step 2: Replacing the Battery

Gently pull the battery away from the charging port. It displaces easily. Then insert the new battery into the charging port, the same way the old battery was attached to it. Once attached, insert the battery attached to the charging port into the phone. That’s it, you’re done.

Purchasing a battery replacement is much more affordable than purchasing a new device. It prevents lagging and overheating problems too. Make sure to charge till 100% before use. Then use the device till the battery is at 1% before recharging to 100%. Do this 2-4 times for the full efficiency of the battery to kick in. Hopefully, this review helped you to get the best battery replacement.


LG G5 Battery

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