Buyers Guide To The Outstanding 7.2 Volt RC Battery – Get The Best Rc Battery 2023

Everything in RC works on batteries. Without a proper power supply, your car RC will not function properly and automatically bring more problems for you. The main power source for our car is the energy produced by burning the fuel in the engine chamber, but without a proper RC battery, it is almost certain that our car will not move an inch. So when you start looking for Best 7.2 Volt Rc Battery, there are so many things to consider and many types of checking out before making any decision.

The RC car batteries come in different varieties based on their material, like Lithium Polymer and Nickel-metal hydride. These are 7.2-volt batteries that come with a capacity range of around 300mAh. These are flat batteries known to support various RC’s including cars, trucks, tanks, boats etc. Depending on your choice and needs, you must consider some essential facts regarding your battery to make the best possible choice for yourself. A simple buying guide with brief information and detailing will surely come in handy for anyone looking for the best RC battery replacement.

Best 7.2 Volt RC Battery and Buying Guide


The RC batteries have been known to have a very low life span, mainly because of the quality of material used in them. So you need to make sure that you choose a battery that comes with a good warranty cover and gives you the best of services. A good brand will always offer a warranty to assure that they want their customers to be happy and satisfied. So look out for these features, so your money is not wasted.

Safety 7.2 Volt RC Battery

Before choosing any battery for your car RC, make sure it is safe and has been tested to a great extent before being thrown on the market. Due to the intense competition in this space, you must buy a battery that has been designed with safety in mind. A good brand will always make sure that they use the latest technology in their batteries to take care of any problem or concern of the customers. Instead of making random choices about your RC battery rather be logical and reasonable with your approach.

Battery Life

The life of any battery depends on many factors such as the charging and discharging cycle, weather conditions, temperature and many others. So it is always better to buy a battery that has been tested to lasts longer. This is not an option but a must if you look for the Best 7.2 Volt Rc Battery replacement. The battery also depends on the user types and how you maintain your battery.


This is one of the most important things you need to consider while buying your RC car or toy batteries. Sometimes, you will find some batteries compatible with vehicles made by other brands or manufacturers. At the same time, some batteries may not work with any other vehicles or drones besides their model but still come with a warranty from their manufacturer. Make sure to take this factor into account to get the best replacement.

What to Look For?

7.2 Volt RC Battery


Price factor plays an important role when buying batteries for your RC car. If you are on a budget, look out for the best prices in your range without compromising quality and performance. A good brand will always go for the best materials to make their batteries eco-friendly and made with the latest technology. So always make sure that you get a battery that fits your budget.


There are high chances of finding the perfect piece for your device with a genuine brand name. Some of the top brand names include venom, Tenergy, AWANFI and many more. Pick the best option from all the lists so that you get the best possible match for your car RC. Unfortunately, with so many fake products and scammers out there in the market, it becomes more important that you choose the best brand.

7.2 Volt RC Battery Size and Weight

There are so many standard sizes available, which are perfect for most RC cars, but once in a while, you will have situations where you have to buy small or big batteries. If you need to carry around a big battery, some normal-sized RC packs can be charged by plugging in your carport. The size is also important so that your battery fits perfectly in the port.

Performance 7.2 Volt RC Battery

You must consider the performance of your car before purchasing a battery for it. Ensure that the battery you are buying can support the RC model you have selected. One should note that the power output will decrease if the battery has been overcharged. This can be dangerous as it will threaten the proper functionality of your RC vehicle and damage it in some ways. With a little bit of research, one could easily know what to look for before buying a car fuel cell battery or any other type.

Frequently Asked Questions

· What is the average battery life of a 7.2V RC battery?

A standard 7.2 Volt RC battery is known to last around 5 to 6 years, depending upon the type of battery used and maintenance provided.

· What does 50C indicate on an RC battery?

The C rating of a battery indicates the maximum load sustained by a battery without losing its shape or charge.

· Which battery is better among Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer?

If you are looking for higher energy and charge density, then Lithium-Ion batteries are made for you. But on the contrary, Lithium Polymer technology is comparatively older and safer than Li-ion.

The output and performance of your RC car are significantly improved once you supply it with the right battery of perfect power supply by using the 7.2 Volt Rc Battery in it. Adopt these tips in your shopping strategy for best rc battery replacement, and you will surely find better results every time you are out there looking for battery replacement. 

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