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Terrific Battery Charger – The Best Guides 2022

Looking for the best top 5 battery charger? As all avid car enthusiasts know, a battery charger is an essential component of any car maintenance toolkit. Batteries tend to lose charge over time, and this is even more so the case when you are dealing with older cars that are not undergoing regular maintenance. To fix this issue, you need to get the best battery charger in order to get the battery topped up properly. Scroll down to learn more about these devices and to see our reviews of some of the best options in 2023.

The features that you should be aware of before purchasing a battery charger

Buying a battery maintainer can be quite confusing for a novice user. If you have never worked with these devices before, you are probably not even sure of what to look for with regard to features and overall performance-related specs. Fortunately, we broke everything down to a few digestible points that are specifically tailored to beginners. Sticking to the point outlined below will help you identify the best battery charger on the market in no time.

The amperage

This is one of the first factors that you should keep in mind when you are in the market for a car battery charger. The amperage of the maintainer refers to the amount of current that is transmitted from the unit to the car battery. The higher the amperage is, the faster the charge is. Furthermore, maintainers that boast high amperage have a more consistent output and can last longer.

Adjustable charging

This feature has now become standard in all recent battery chargers. It allows you to adjust the speed and voltage of the charging according to your own preferences. With that being said, it is highly advisable that you stick to the safe automatic mode if you happen to be a beginner.

Safety features

Safety should always prioritize when you are dealing with sensitive devices such as car battery maintainers. Your device needs to have a number of safety features that safeguard it against a slew of current issues. The list includes an auto voltage to prevent overcharging, spark resistant clamps, and reverse polarity and short-circuiting protection among many other features.

Ease of use

This factor is not that important if you already have a lot of experience with these devices. But if you are a complete beginner, you need to get a maintainer that is simple to use and comes with clear and easy to follow instructions. The simpler the learning curve is the safer using the maintainer will be for you.

Reviews of the best battery chargers in 2023

SE-1-12S 1.5A 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Maintainer

This is one of the more affordable options on our list. However, you should not let the low price mislead you into believing that this maintainer is subpar. The reality of the matter is that the SE-1-12S is a high-performing model that offers a lot of value to users on a budget. Unlike other entry-level options, the SE boasts a decent capacity and features several automatic functions that help manage power output and voltage in a more efficient manner. Moreover, you can expect safe use at all times thanks to valuable safety measures such as auto voltage and reverse hook-up protection.

The design of this maintainer isn’t too shabby either. It has a set of eye-catching LED indicators that help you check the charge status and the hexagonal shape of the outer casing is fairly unique and original.


  • The design is quite sleek
  • The quality to price ratio is tremendous
  • It is equipped with LED indicators
  • It features Voltage and Reverse Hook-up protection
  • The power is decent for the price


  • It is relatively loud
  • The charger uses too much power when it is in standby mode

Optima Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger

This mid-range maintainer and battery charger from Optima has a lot going for it. It serves a dual purpose in a highly efficient manner and its high output is perfectly tailored to the needs of experienced garage enthusiasts. In addition to cars, it is also one of the top options when it comes to motorcycle battery maintainers.

Its power is rated at around 4 amps, making it one of the most powerful models in this list. It features all the elements that you would expect at this price range; Cutting-edge charging indicators, a wide and crystal clear LCD display, and a comprehensive set of safety features. Overall, the Optima is the ideal pick for anyone that values versatility and is not willing to compromise on quality just to save a few bucks.


  • This model is extremely versatile
  • Its power is rated at around 4 amps
  • It is safeguarded against Short-circuiting and Reverse Polarity
  • The unit is remarkably light and portable
  • It comes with a hook and a stand


  • The clamps are made from cheap plastic and are prone to overheating
  • The charging status that is indicated on the screen is not always accurate

NOCO Genius G3500

The final item in our list is this competitively priced charger from NOCO. While it does not come with any noteworthy feature that makes it stand out, it still boasts all the baseline qualities that you would like out of a great yet affordable model. The power rating of the G3500 is 6V/12V and 3.5 amperes. It can operate with both lithium ion and lead acid batteries and its charge time is one of the fastest on the market. Furthermore, the charger is quite portable and very easy to maintain. This is further aided by the use of spark-proof technology that helps shield it from the effects of overcharging.


  • It can handle lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
  • Good price relative to the quality of one of the best car battery charger
  • It charges batteries in a fast manner
  • It employs spark proof technology
  • The unit is backed by a 5-year warranty


  • It does not work on a fully discharged battery
  • The ring terminals are too small

The verdict

The benefits that are offered by a battery maintainer are simply invaluable. If you want to take your DIY car maintenance to the next level, investing in one of these devices is a no-brainer. All the models that we reviewed here are excellent; it is up to you to pick the one that fits your needs the most.

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