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Author: William Kerner
Date: February 10, 2019

Best Car Battery Charger

best car battery charger

Best Car Battery Charger - Top 5 Reviews and Things To Know


Despite the tremendous advances that were made in the automotive industry, car batteries seem to be as unpredictable as ever. Even with diligent and careful maintenance, you never truly know when your battery will give out. Even worse, a dead battery can leave you stranded in a remote location or cause you to be late for your work. To help prepare you for this situation, we are going to help you pick the best car battery charger on the market today.

The factors that you should consider before buying a car battery charger

Before committing to any particular model, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics and features of these devices. This will help you make a smart decision purchase decision and ensure that you are getting something that suits your needs and lives up to your expectations. Below is a brief overview of some of the main factors that you should keep in mind when you are in the market for a new car battery charger.


This is the first thing that you should pay attention to when you are looking for a new car battery charger. Each type of battery requires a specific type of charger, so if you don’t take the time to check the cells of your car battery, you run the risk of buying a charger that is not compatible with it. The most common types are white cell, AGM cell, jell cell, and VRLA cell. The voltage is another variable that you should factor in. Whether your battery is rated at 6 volts or 12 volts, you need to make sure that the charger is capable of handling it.

The ampere rating

Most affordable chargers have an ampere rating between 10 and 20 amps. This might be sufficient for a small car battery, but we would generally recommend you to top for something above 55 amps. These mid-range chargers are quite versatile and are able to tackle the vast majority of batteries on the market. If you want a charger for professional use, you should aim for models that boast a minimum of 60 amps.

The safety features

Safety features are invaluable when it comes to chargers. Regardless of the quality of the unit, there are several risks that are inherent in their mode of operation. To eliminate these potential issues, you should always opt for a charger that is safeguarded against overload, over-current, over-charging, and over-voltage.

Trickle charge

This also referred to as float mode. Trickle charging is essentially charging a battery at a rate that is identical to its discharge rate. This is extremely valuable due to the fact that it allows the battery to maintain a full charge without being affected by overcharging.

Reviews of the best car battery chargers in 2021


NOCO Genius G7200

NOCO GENIUS G7200 12V/24V 7.2 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
  • The most versatile all-in-one battery charger any vehicle owner would need to quickly...
  • Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully charged and maintained during year-round battery...
  • Works with all types of 12-volt and 24-volt lead-Acid batteries, including wet, gel, and...
  • Keep your battery fully charged without worry or overcharge. Simply plug-in and let our...

This is the first model that comes to mind when discussing mid-range models. This 7.2 Amp battery charger can handle batteries that are rated between 12V and 24V. Like all chargers in our list, it boasts an impressive level of versatility that allows it to operate on virtually any type of vehicle. Moreover, it can handle both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries with relative ease and it is quite effective when working with CANBUS systems and micro hybrid cars.

The most noticeable quality of this charger is without a double its impressive speed. In fact, it can charge most types of batteries within a significantly shorter span relative to other similarly-priced options. In addition to this invaluable characteristic, its cutting-edge microprocessor enables automatic monitoring and handling of the battery charge at all times. More importantly, it helps minimize the Consumption of electricity and safeguards the battery against any potential damage.

The safety features that are included in this charger are another major highlight that is worth mentioning. Everything from the optimal construction of the unit to the reverse polarity protection is designed to ensure the utmost safety when you are charging the battery.


  • The G7200 provides the fastest charge time in its price range
  • It is versatile enough to handle most types of batteries
  • The high-end microprocessor that it is equipped with is extremely effective
  • The included safety measures are comprehensive and practical
  • The charger boasts a light and compact design that makes it easy to carry and maneuver
  • The unit never overheats even when you are using it for long periods of time


  • The ring terminals are relatively small
  • Some of the instructions are ambiguous and not exactly beginner-friendly



STANLEY BC15BS Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger/Maintainer with 40A Engine Start,...
  • 15 amp bench battery charger maintains and charges any AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or...
  • Fully automatic high frequency charging delivers 3 stage charging, automatically switching...
  • Battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life; 40 amp engine start helps start...
  • Equipped with reverse polarity protection; LCD screen displays charging status and battery...

This is one of the most affordable options on our list. This powerful 15 amp car charger works smoothly with any AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or marine 12V battery. It comes with a number of automatic features that facilitate the process of monitoring and charging the battery.  The high frequency charging that it boasts allows it to seamlessly alter between fast charge and trickle charge, which results in more efficient and optimal use.

Another great feature of the Stanley charger is the battery reconditioning. This feature is rarely found in entry-level devices and it is ideal for extending the life of your car battery. Additionally, it has a number of convenient safety functions that help maintain the charger in a good condition.

As far as practicality is concerned, the BC15BS exceeds all expectations. A prime example of this is the alternator check. This convenient function indicates whether the alternator is maintaining a proper battery level and eliminates the need for any guesswork on your part. On top of its great performance and plethora of features, the Stanley BC15BS is equipped with a fully automatic compensation system that makes up for the relatively low voltage that can be caused by extension cords.


  • The value of the money that it offers is simply tremendous
  • It features a built-in mechanism that compensates for any low voltage issues
  • The alternator check is highly valuable for monitoring battery charge
  • The reconditioning features help extend the life of your car battery
  • It boasts a high-frequency charging that allows it to switch between fast and trickle charging


  • The voltage readings are not as accurate as we had hoped
  • This charger is not suitable for low batteries that are below the 12 V mark



BLACK+DECKER BC6BDW Fully Automatic 6 Amp 12V Waterproof Battery Charger/Maintainer with Cable...
  • 6 amp battery charger and maintainer is compatible with any AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or...
  • Fully automatic high frequency charging; AC low-voltage compensation ensures maximum...
  • Features an IP67 rating which certifies a completely sealed, waterproof and dust proof...
  • Built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity, and short...

The Black+Decker BC68DW is a decent entry-level charger that is designed to manage a wide range of high power car batteries. It can detect and manage the charge in a fully automatic manner, which allows for hassle-free operation. Thanks to this quality, you won’t have to worry about overcharging or low battery. Adding to the hands-free aspect is the possibility to connect the unit using the hanging hook and the magnetic backing.  As for the charging time, it is remarkably fast for the price point and the delivery of the power is rather efficient and consistent.

The charger is characterized by several elements that are geared toward improving functionality and minimizing the risk of damage, be it from electrical current or from exposure to other factors. The sealed protection contributes to keeping dust, moisture, and corrosion out of the sensitive components of the device whereas safety features such as reverse polarity protection and circuit guards are effective with regard to preventing any damage from overcharging or short-circuiting. The Black+Decker BC68DW has an IP67 rating, which means that it is completely sealed and waterproof. In fact, it is resistant enough to withstand direct exposure to rain.


  • It can provide waterproof and dustproof charging in rough weather conditions
  • It is equipped with Circuit Guards and Reverse Polarity protection
  • The charger is quite versatile considering the very affordable price point
  • The performance that it delivers is surprisingly consistent
  • It is designed to provide an automatic and hands-free operation
  • The battery clamps can accommodate any type of battery terminals


  • The charger emits a clicking sound that some users might find annoying
  • Some users have encountered issues when trying to use this charger on a near-dead battery


Schumacher SC1307

Schumacher SC1307 Fully Automatic Battery Charger with Engine Starter, Boost, Maintainer, and...
  • RELIABLE POWER: Delivers 85 Amp charge/maintain and 30 Amp boost to car, truck, SUV, and...
  • SMART CHARGING: Microprocessor-controlled automatic amperage rate adjustment and...
  • ADVANCED DIAGNOSTIC TESTER: Battery and alternator tester provides charge level and helps...
  • FLOAT MODE & VOLTAGE DETECTION: Float-mode monitoring automatically maintains optimum...

The SC1307 is a fairly heavy yet compact car battery charger. It is ideal for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward unit that delivers steady charging in a quick and convenient fashion. Once plugged in, it can detect the voltage of most car batteries using a unique mechanism that automatically assigns a charging amp depending on which battery you are working on. In addition to this, it features a very effective 85A jump start mode that is perfectly tailored to jumping large vehicles.

Like any high-quality charger, the onboard microprocessor that is equipped with is very concise and efficient. It has the capacity to detect the health of an alternator on a running engine and can manage the charging of your car battery without requiring any effort on your part.

The Schumacher SC1307 packs several other noteworthy features that make it stand out in its price range. A great example of this is its impressive ability to quickly shift to float charge mode in a fully automatic fashion. Overall, this is one of the best car battery chargers in the mid-range price point and it is a strong contender for the best option on the market.


  • It offers multiple amp levels for different types of batteries
  • The design of the charger is compact despite its high number of features
  • It is equipped with a high-end microprocessor that makes charging an effortless process
  • The charger has the capacity to automatically switch to float charge mode
  • It is reasonably priced
  • The 85A jump-start mode is ideal for jumping large vehicles


  • It does not charge lithium-ion batteries
  • The lack of switches makes this charger entirely dependent on automatic detection



Buying a car battery charger does not have to be a complicated task. As long as you make sure that a charger is compatible with your car battery, you should be able to pick an option that is ideal for you. Go over the reviews of each model and make the decision that is right for you.


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