Best Fitbit Alta Battery Replacements

All You Need To Know About Fitbit Alta Battery Replacements – Terrific Reviews 2023

Searching for a Fitbit Alta Battery? Fitbit is undoubtedly a leader in the wearable industry. Fitbit Alta is one of their products that changed the fitness tracker game forever.

It took no time for Fitbit Alta to top the charts after its launch. It has a sleek, robust, and appealing design with five days long battery backup. It is one of the best digital coaches that help you achieve even the hardest fitness goals.

But have you missed your fitness goals lately, due to its battery issues?

Are you considering a brand new fitbit tracker?

Fitbit Alta has easily swappable bands. What if I told you, its batteries are swappable too?

Yes, you heard it right! You don’t need to spend a hundred bucks on a brand new tracker. Just replace its battery and you are ready to hit the gym again.

This article features the best Fitbit Alta battery replacement at an affordable (negligible) price.

Fitbit Alta Battery Replacements Battery Replacement Checklist

Finding a good battery replacement is not an easy feat. If you accidentally buy a faulty battery it will cause more harm than good.

To make your search easier you should look for the following factors.


Battery capacity tells you for how long you can use your device without visiting the charging cable. Always make sure you buy a replacement that has a capacity equal to the original or higher. If you want your Fitbit Alta to last for 5 days do not settle for less battery capacity.


No product is perfect. So what if you bought a faulty product? Who is responsible? Warranty is the answer to all such worries.

If you don’t want to pay for a faulty battery you must always look for a warranty. A warranty period of 12-18 months is the best deal to go for.


Reviews are the best filter when it comes to knowing more about a product. Certified customer reviews assure us of the claims made by the product. A rating above 3.5 out of 5 is considered an ideal purchase. The number of reviews also indicate the popularity of a product. Higher the rating better the product.


Any mistake during installation can damage your tracker. Make sure you have some sort of expertise because installing a battery replacement is a bit difficult for Fitbit Alta. We would recommend you take some professional help or you could refer to a replacement guide instead.

If you decide to pull your sleeves and jump into the DIY mode make sure you have the necessary tools. An installation toolkit comes in handy while swapping the battery.

Best Fitbit Alta Battery Replacement

MPF Products 36mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery

MPF Products 36mAh lithium-polymer battery replacement is our best pick as it is a trusted product. It comes with a replacement toolkit (without a soldering iron) to ease the installation process. This purchase is backed with a 1 year-replacement warranty.

Highlights –

  • Branded product
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Free installation kit
  • High customer ratings

How To Replace The Battery

To conclude

Why replace the device when you can fix it? I am all for replacements as it is a win-win situation for both your pocket and for the environment. With the amount of e-waste pilling in landfills, you would not wish to contribute to the mess.

I am not convincing you to make compromises either. Battery replacement is not a compromise or a quick-fix rather it is the best way to make your wearable alive again. To conclude the buying vs fixing debate I would say battery replacement is environment-friendly, cost-effective, and a much better option over buying a brand new fitness tracker.

Fitbit Alta’s battery can be swapped to prolong its lifespan for a few more years. MPF Products battery replacement is the best pick to serve this purpose as it is a trusted name in the market.

Replace the battery now to never miss on your fitness goals!

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