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Author: William Kerner
Date: February 1, 2021

Best Galaxy S6 Battery Case – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Samsung Galaxy s6

The first smartphone with a curved display, Samsung Galaxy S6, created a hype in the industry. Everyone was having the dream about the purchase because this flagship device offered intense power, great features, and a large screen, which can easily make you a fan of devices.

Apart from the size, wireless charging, glass back, and stunning design pulled out more attention. In those days, having Samsung Galaxy S6 was one of the best things. In case you still own the same device, then you might know that this device still top-notch and offer great performance.

Over time, battery capacity might be the major issue that you have been facing these days. In case you have replaced the battery also but want some extra battery backup, then the purchase of Best Galaxy S6 Battery Case is an effective choice that you can rely on.

Apparently, the purchase of a battery case is quite typical because the manufacturer isn't offering the same, and third-party sellers are hard to trust. To help you, we made a list that will come in handy.

Best Galaxy S6 Battery Case To Look After

Based on the quality and reviews, along with capacity and effective working, we made this list to help to choose the right product. Along with these factors, we are checking the after-sale services and reviews regarding a manufacturer.

Some other brands to consider

  1. Sharp cost Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case

With the effective design and easier usability, the purchase of the Sharpcost Samsung galaxy s6 battery case is a reliable choice. It is the high-quality option with 100% original battery that conserve battery quite effectively. That's why you can rely on it. This one has a battery capacity of 5200 mAh to fulfill the job.


  • The capacity of 5200 mAh, large enough for a full charge.
  • Small dock at the bottom to insert into your smartphone jack.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t cause any kind of heating.


  • Make your phone a bit heavy.
  1. Soda Pop High Capacity 5200mAh Extended Battery

In the category of best in terms of power and capacity, you can look after the purchase of Soda Pop High Capacity 5200mAh Extended Battery. This battery is good in terms of power conservation, and it charges at a pretty good speed. The only issue is, there is no indicators to tell whether the case is fully charged or not.


  • The lightweight battery case of choice.
  • Easy to use and highly reliable.
  • In-hand feel is premium and feels good to use.


  • It comes for a slightly high price.
  1. NCTECHINC Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G9250 4200mAh Battery Case

A different choice based on the quality, effective working, and the genuine price is NCTECHINC Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G9250 4200mAh Battery Case. It comes for a similar price point as our top pick, and it can offer extra fast charging. The credit goes to a small battery. Even, it is also lightweight otherwise, most of the cases can make your smartphone heavier.


  • It doesn't make your phone feel bulky at all.
  • Black color finishing with a better grip.
  • It is made up of premium quality material for sure.
  • Easy to use and feel like a practical choice.


  • Charge your smartphone completely for one time.

What Do I Need to Check While Purchasing Galaxy S6 Battery Case?

For the first time during the purchase of the Galaxy S6 Battery Case, looking at the essential factor is important. During the first time, you can look at the best galaxy s6 battery case review and consider below-mentioned factors –

  • Perfect Fitting is a necessary factor to check out. Most of the brands are selling it, but you may make a mistake because there are battery cases available for S6 as well as S6 edge.
  • The capacity of the battery case is always the most important factor. You must know how much the manufacturer is offering.
  • Color choice and grip over the case are important to check. After putting the case cover, your smartphone might get Havier.
  • Compact size and lightweight is a necessary feature that you must check out to avoid making a wrong deal.
  • By checking galaxy s6 battery case reviews, you will be able to make the right decision. It helps you check out all the pros and cons of a particular device.

Alongside the checking of reviews and product quality, you must know the type of battery used in the same. You can learn about the heating problem in reviews, and to avoid making a wrong purchase, buy a product with long term warranty. It will help in buying the best product.


1. What is the battery capacity of My Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge?

Samsung is offering 2600mAh battery in its flagship device, which is enough to power the device for 8 hours of usage.

2. Which Samsung Galaxy S6 battery Case is better to use?

The use of the Sharpcost Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case is effective due to 5200 mAh of battery backup, lightweight design, and premium built quality.

3. Do Samsung Offer Galaxy S6 battery Cases?

No, Samsung doesn't offer Galaxy S6 battery cases anymore, so you have the only option of buying the same from third party manufacturers.

4. Is Samsung Galaxy S6 battery removable or not?

Samsung offered the option to remove the battery in S5 for the last time in the flagship category. After that, no flagship device supports removable back or battery.


Samsung offered the best device in 2016 and the number of features. The only issue till this date is regarding the battery capacity because the in-built battery barely lasts a full day.

With the use of the Samsung s6 charging case and buying a quality product, you can make the right decision and avoid most of the issues. Do not forget to check reviews to avoid buying the wrong product.

The last factor is to look at the design and pattern available in the same. I hope, this post will help in grabbing a quality deal easily.

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