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Author: William Kerner
Date: December 22, 2021

Best LG G3 Battery Replacement in 2022

LG G3 is an advanced feature-packed device showing excellent support for multitasking use. The market for this phone is rising sharply, so is the demand for spare parts for this phone. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get your hands on some genuine best LG g3 battery replacement. The market is full of fake products that claim to be genuine but are mostly a waste of money. A good battery will improve the health of your device and allow you to use it without regular bothering for charging.

The G3 battery is Lithium-ion based comes with 3000mAh giving all the necessary power supply to your device. The G3 battery is removable as it is easily changed with a new replacement. This advanced multipurpose battery supports Qi wireless charging option.  The G3 battery supports 565 hours standby and a talk time backup of around 19 hours. If you are struggling with finding the best lg g3 battery replacement for your device, some factors can help you grab the best deal and if you are looking for an easier solution you can also check our Lg G3 Battery Case review

Best LG G3 Battery and Buying Guide


It is important to choose a branded replacement for the original battery. Always try to choose a product that comes with a genuine warranty. This will allow you to fix issues like defective batteries and various other issues during the purchase process. By choosing a brand with a good reputation, you indicate your trust in the given product or service. Warranty claims allow you to make the most use of your money and get worth for every penny. Your future expenses are saved when you get better warranty products for your device.


The most important thing that you need to look at while buying a replacement battery is its performance. The best way to assess the battery performance is by going through reviews made by real users. This will give you an idea as to whether the given product is considered to be up to mark or not. You can always trust the reviews made by real users about their experience with the given product or service. A good review will always help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a new LG g3 battery.


When choosing a replacement battery, it is important to look at the safety standards followed by a particular brand. Always go for a product free from hazardous material and hence safe to be used. The safety measures adopted by the manufacturing company are also an important factor that needs to be considered while making an informed decision to purchase a new battery for your LG G3. The battery safety will maintain the better health of your device along with maintaining top notch performance of your battery. 


While choosing a replacement battery, it is important to ensure that the product you are considering is compatible with your device. This information can be easily got from the manufacturers or sellers. You can always trust the given compatibility details and choose a product that is a perfect fit for your LG G3. It is not ideal to buy any random battery and then struggle to fix it in your device. Sometimes, the return process is complicated, so make sure you avoid this by buying the most compatible. 

What to Look For?


Price is one of the most important factors while looking out for the best lg g3 battery replacement as it greatly affects your pocket as well. The best way to save some money here is by choosing a reliable brand that offers quality products at an affordable price tag. Always go for a reliable branded product to help you steer clear of dealing with poor quality products. In addition, you can cut better deals by getting some discount coupons and offers online.

Brand value

The best way to ensure quality and reliability is by choosing any product made or offered by the best brands in the market. This will guarantee you better performance and also longer usage with your device. It will also make you save some bucks in repairs and other charges that crop up due to poor quality products. Your experience with a battery is healthy and cherishing when you invest your money with genuine brands.


The battery's capacity comes in two variations, one being 2100mAh and 3000mAh. Naturally, the larger the battery's capacity, the longer your device will run. Hence, make sure to look at this factor before you make an informed decision to purchase a replacement LG g3battery. You do not want to end up running for a charger all the time, even after buying a new battery for your device. You can check for the battery capacity in the product description segment and find the one that matches your specifications.

How to replace the battery for LG G3?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average battery life of an LG G3 battery?

After being fully charged, the LG G3 batteries are known to last upto 10 hours of uninterrupted playback. So, talking about daily use, your day will easily be passed after fully charging it once.

Can I replace the G4 battery with an LG G3 device?

The batteries in LG G4 are faster and better than the G3 model. However, the capacity of both batteries remains identical. So you can use your G4 battery in the G3 handset if it fits properly. 

What is the reason behind the fast draining of the LG battery?

The reason behind this could be battery damage or any software issue. However, you can restore the working condition of your device by replacing your battery with a new one. Remember to get the best lg g3 batteryreplacement to the best output.

The LG G3 device is known to deliver a power pack performance once supplied with a battery of appropriate powers support. If, for any reason, your device is not responding properly to battery-related issues, then you can simply get it back to its original condition by replacing your battery with a genuine and authentic replacement. 

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