All You Need To Know About The LG V40 Replacement – Terrific Options Reviewed 2023

Looking for an LG V40 Replacement? The LG V40 is a great device that combines superior processing speed with futuristic looks. It has a massive 6.4-inch OLED display and 6 GB ram its front is shielded with corning gorilla glass 5 which gives it great strength and protection. The back of the phone is good as well. But the company gives a limited number of options. That, however, shouldn’t stop you from making your phone look just the way you want it to. In this guide, we will review some of the best battery back cover for LG V40 Thinq smartphones.

Best LG V40 Replacement Buys Guide Amazon

1.  VEKIR Glass Back Battery Case

The VEKIR Glass back battery case replacement has a pre-cut adhesive and is also a replacement for LG V40. It’s a new and original series that is made up of good quality materials that help you with the broken as well as malfunctioning parts. It works as the original back cover and fits properly with one’s device.

The quality is ensured as it is tested one by one after production and they also make sure that there are no dead areas or scratches or any dead dot pixels. The defective products are then replaced. The back cover comes in a package that protects it fully, thus, preventing any kind of damage during shipment. They require proper installation as parts damaged during this process are not accepted.

The product comes with a guarantee of 5 months that includes customer service for any kind of help. The product comes at an affordable price but doesn’t compromise with the quality. In the package, there are also important tools that are to be used to detach the old battery case from the backside. It also has some microfiber cloths that can be used to keep the case clean and dust-free.

2.  FORERUNER back battery case replacement

The FORERUNNER is a waterproof back cover that comes with a camera lens cover thus preventing it from any kind of damage. This case cover is really easy to install at the back of an LG V40. Along with that, it is also compatible with.any other smartphone models from LG.

If you need to repair it yourself for any reason, a detailed video guide has been uploaded to YouTube. It would be of great help if you watch it before starting the DIY job yourself. The package comes with the battery cover along with various opening tools that help in the installation process. The built quality of this case is great with a premium look and craftsmanship. It weighs a mere 2.72 ounces, so it won’t make your phone extra heavy.

3.  Cao Xiong Black Back Rear Battery Glass housing Cover case

This product is perfectly compatible with the LG V40 smartphone without any issues. The looks of this case are great and significantly enhances the appearance of your phone. It has a matte finish which gives it a premium look. It comes only in black color. This makes it look more classy and elegant.

The package comes with one battery back cover and tape. It is made up of a very sturdy material that is flexible enough to keep the case less brittle and give it more strength. Also, the installation process of this back cover is fairly easy. You need a few tools to open the old back cover and put the new one.  Overall this is a great choice that will help you prevent your smartphone from breaking and also gives you a classy look.  It weighs very little, so you won’t be having any kind of muscle fatigue while using your mobile for extended periods.

4.  Eaglewireless Back Glass

This is one of the best products by Eaglewireless. This battery back case is compatible with two phones namely LG V40 and LG V40 ThinQ 2018 edition. This case comes with double tap adhesive which helps the cover stay in place firmly.

The entire case is made up of true glass that gives the case a glossy look. This comes in black so it also looks pretty elegant and classy as well. Bit since it is made out of pure glass, you need to be extra careful while using your smartphone as it can shatter if it hits the ground even from the waist height.

You should keep in mind that this is not a supplementary case by LG. This is completely a Third-party replacement price and you don’t have the guarantee about how much it will last for. Another important thing that you need to remember about this product is that it doesn’t come with manuals or installation instructions. So you need to find the video on YouTube if you are going to do it by yourself.

So now that you know such incredible products are present online that can give your phone a completely different look, you should try some of those out. After all, these not only provide you with the convenience of a battery cover, but also lend a classic look to your phone.

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