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Author: William Kerner
Date: February 6, 2022

Best Liftmaster Battery Replacement 2022

Liftmasters battery replacement

The touch of technology is brought to your home by Liftmaster in the form of this amazing tool that is an automatic garage door opener. The security and comfort of operating your garage door from your car, home, or any other remote location. You can now equip your residential and commercial garages with added security and convenience offered by the Liftmaster system.  However, it requires periodic maintenance to function optimally. 

Maintaining your Liftmaster system becomes challenging when it comes to finding a genuine liftmaster battery replacement. The battery is among the few major components that are responsible for the proper functioning of your battery. There are several important points that require some consideration before going out there to buy a good battery for yourself. When you possess some knowledge and information about the traits of an ideal battery, you have better odds at making educated decisions.

Liftmaster Battery Replacement and Buying Guide            


Liftmaster offers a full 2-year warranty on any of their garage doors and related parts that can be bought online. But if you are past your warranty period, it is best to consider a battery with a good warranty period. There are few brands that offer an extended warranty scheme to their customers by paying a small amount. With a good warranty life, you can look forward to getting your future issues or problems with your battery resolved without going through difficulties.


A double-duty carriage is attached to the bottom of the garage door, and it has two release cables that are used to automatically open and close the door. The carriage protects the battery from overheating during high current draw situations while in transit. It also protects the battery from damage during transit. In addition, there are preventive measures provided to protect these batteries against short circuits, over current, and reverse polarity situations. Look for as many safety features as possible in your replacement battery.

Battery Life

These batteries have a recommended life of about 3000 to 6000 recharge cycles. In general, the lifespan for batteries, motors and remotes will be around four years. However, it may vary slightly depending on usage. You should also keep in mind that you can prolong the lifespan of your Liftmaster garage door opener by carrying out routine maintenance and cleaning the unit frequently. Also, only use battery-powered accessories with your device. This ensures that you get the best performance without draining your battery.


The Liftmaster garage door system is compatible with 12-volt batteries only. If you are unsure of the battery you need, you can check the manual book for better ideas. There are two types of batteries used in garage door openers gel-cell and lead-acid. Gel-cell batteries require little maintenance and don't produce any gases inside them when charging. The wise decision is to get a better idea about the compatibility of your battery.  

What to Look For? 

Price Range

The market for new replacement batteries is quite extensive, with different products in different price ranges. You can start by making a list of products under your price range and sort them out based on several filters to get more specific results. Then, with huge competition, you can easily find a good product at a great price by finding some kind of offer or deal son your product. 


While you are finding the best liftmaster battery replacement, you must start looking for genuine brands in the market. Some top-performing names for Liftmaster batteries include Expert Power, Chamberlain, Liftmaster originals etc. A good brand brings better quality products and good customer services at a great price.

Battery Voltage 

Normally, the battery voltage of Liftmaster devices is 12 volts. However, the batteries can also be 24 volts in some cases. The higher the voltage is, the more powerful the device will be. Battery current: This varies from model to model and can take a range of 8 amperes per hour (Ah) to 20Ah. The more Ah you have for your device, the longer it will stay operational on a single charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a battery that is not compatible with my Liftmaster device?

Yes, using a non-compatible battery in your garage door opener is possible, but the result may vary. For instance, an adapter may be required to make the connection.

Why is it important to replace my Liftmaster battery?

If the batteries of your garage door opener may have reached their lifespan, then it may lead to the hindered working of your system. But you can restore your system by replacing it with a good replacement battery.

What is a keychain remote in Liftmaster System?

Liftmasters come with various types of transmitter transmitters, including keychain remotes that are portable and universal remotes that can control many other devices in addition to the Liftmaster device.

How to Replace Liftmaster Battery?

You can start by removing the screws from the old battery and disconnecting the cables. Now, gently pry under the plastic end caps with a flathead screwdriver until they pop off, exposing the head screws underneath each cap. Remove those screws, and then remove the rubber gasket around each cap. Remove the cables from the new battery and fasten them together with their respective connectors. Once opened, now position the new battery in place, then replace all of the screws in their proper locations, making sure to tighten them securely, so they do not vibrate loose while in transit. Finally, reinstall the plastic end caps and rubber gaskets to protect your garage door opener's terminals from damage due to vibration. The Liftmaster remote should fully function when the battery has been replaced, but you may need to use an external power supply until it recharges again.

A good battery brings better fortune to your garage door system and improves its functioning. Some tips and suggestions are shared here for you to adopt into your experience of buying a new liftmaster battery replacement for your system. 

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