Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement and Full Guide 2023

Looking for a Galaxy S6 Battery? If you are having a hard time with the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S6, then it’s time to sit back and troubleshoot the issues. Is the battery taking much longer to fully charge than before? Or is it heating-up after mild usage and while charging? These are a few signs of probable battery damage and must be quickly addressed.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the flagship from Samsung in 2015. Since then, its performance has been phenomenal due to Samsung’s Exynos 7 Octa 7420 processor and its camera. The 16MP rear camera and the front-facing 5MP camera help capture great shots. The device uses a 2550 mAh battery for power, which is a bit on the down-side and drains even faster with years of usage. But, everything’s got a solution, and the solution to this is that you can replace the battery!

Top Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacements Guide

To end your search, we have reviewed the best genuine battery replacements for your Samsung Galaxy S6, based on multiple factors such as capacity, reviews, manufacturer, and price. Here are our top suggestions:

TOP PICK – Galaxy S6 Battery, SHENMZ Upgrade 3080mAh Replacement Li-Polymer Battery EB-BG920ABE

A brand new Li-ion battery replacement by Shenmz for Samsung Galaxy S6 that is as good as the original battery, if not better. It is our first choice in the list. The design and specs are the same as the original counterpart, and it also supports fast charging with the original adapter. You can rely on this product for long hours of gaming and calling on your S6 device. This replacement battery has wide compatibility with S6 models including Samsung G920A( AT&T ), G920T( T-Mobile ), Galaxy S6 G920V( Verizon ), and G920P( Sprint ).

NOTE: Consider draining the battery the first three times of usage for calibrating the new battery. That is because it is a Li-ion battery.


  • Smart protection with over-charging, discharging, overheating and short-circuiting protection
  • Good power backup and power conservation
  • Minimal heating observed while charging or extreme gaming
  • A battery replacement toolkit is available inside the pack.
  • Covered under 12 months of warranty.

Other Best Picks

Brands To Consider

The Sharpcost

The Sharpcost Store’s new battery replacement for Samsung Galaxy S6 is a high-quality Li-Ion battery that comes after multiple quality checks. Rest assured, the battery promises a great power backup of around 24 hours with normal usage, 12 hours of talk time, and standby time of up to 36 hours, which is much the same as that of your original battery.


  • Excellent power backup and conservation
  • Internal battery with an integrated microchip to prevent overcharging, thus extending battery life.
  • Low-cost battery replacement alternative
  • Full replacement kit available in the set for FREE
  • Minimal or no heating while charging


Another best battery replacement for your Galaxy S6 would be the SNSOU Original battery. The replacement battery ensures solving the problems of quick battery drainage, low backup time on your old one. You get a commendable battery performance due to the lithium-ion core. The design is exceptionally thin and compact, making it lightweight.. And if you are considering replacing your old Galaxy S6 battery, it is a good buy given it comes with a free complete replacement kit and instructions manual.


  • Sleek design and compact form factor
  • Handy as a backup/ spare battery
  • UL, FCC, CE, and ROHS Certified
  • High-quality top-rated A+ battery cell, tested under strict quality control standards.
  • No heating while in use
  • Low-cost battery replacement
  • Complete replacement kit available FREE in the set
  • Comes with three years warranty

How to replace your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery?

The big question here is whether it is safe to replace on your own or should you get it done by an expert at the Samsung service center in your city. Well, changing your Galaxy S6 battery only needs proper care and procedure! And with a battery replacement kit that holds up all the essentials to a battery replacement, you would find it even more comfortable. So, let us start with the replacement guide:

Remember, before you start disassembling your phone, let it discharge to below 25% to avoid any chances of an accidental puncture.

  1. Start with switching off your phone.
  2. Next, insert a paper clip or your SIM eject tool into the SIM card slot hole located on the side where the power button is. Push the ejector tool slowly until the SIM card tray pops open.
  3. On removing the SIM tray, use a suction cup to pull the back panel, and position opening picks to hold the gaps. Use a minimum of 3 picks to position around the back panel and slide them around to carefully remove all locks on the back panel.
  4. With that, open the back cover, slowly paying attention not to trouble any other sensors around.
  5. Clean any sticky adhesive on the rear area of the device using an isopropyl alcohol solution and a clean cloth. You should be able to locate the midframe assembly on top of it.
  6. Remove all the thirteen 3.5mm Phillips #00 screws holding back the midframe assembly.
  7. Lift the midframe assembly while pushing down on the battery to separate the midframe assembly from the rest of the phone.
  8. While lifting the midframe, remember not to get close to any of the external ports, such as the audio jack or the charging port. To avoid any damage to the headphone jack or the charging port, you must first remove the mid-frame top and then, while pushing the midframe downwards, disengage the headphone jack from it.
  9. The battery should be removable from the right-hand side of the back. Use a flat spudger or prick to pull up the battery from the sides where there’s a gap.
  10. If there is any sticky adhesive on top of the battery due to the mid-frame assembly, remove that first using a spudger.
  11. Finally, lift the battery out of the mobile frame, and without allowing any dust to enter, replace it with your new battery replacement. Press the battery firmly in its position for at least 10 seconds so that it sticks to the frame.

As our mobiles age, the battery starts to show irregularities like swelling up or providing low backups. It’s just the same case with the Samsung Galaxy S6. And making the best battery replacement shall only help improve the durability of your device.

If you or your family have other Galaxy models such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S5 and they need replacement, feel free to read our further articles.

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