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Terrific 5 Vape Batteries Of All Time- The Best Buying Guide 2023

Best Vape Battery

If you are an avid vaper, then you are surely familiar with the frustration that stems from having to deal with inefficient and underpowered vape batteries. These poorly-designed units can put a damper on what it is supposed to be a fun and relaxing experience. If you need a new battery for your vaporizer and are not sure what to look for, you can rest assured as this guide will help you pick the best vape battery that is available on the market today.

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Identifying the characteristics of the best vape batteries

Making an informed purchase decision is predicated on having a firm grasp of these device’s essential features. If you are not familiar with the main characteristics of vape batteries, you will be glad to know that we have listed all the factors that you should be aware of below.

Battery capacity

The capacity is measured in mAh, a unit that indicates the number of milliamperes in an hour. While this is not the only variable that affects the overall performance of a battery, it still gives you a rough idea of how to expect with regard to power output reliability and battery life. It is highly advisable to avoid anything below the 2,000 mAh mark since batteries in that range are severely underpowered.

Current rating

This is another important factor that is often neglected by inexperienced users. This rating measures the battery’s ability to supply a specific amount of current within a 1-hour span. For example, a battery with a current rating of 2 amp-hours is capable of delivering a current of 2 amps for a full hour.

The voltage

When it comes to electronic devices, a high voltage ensures that the battery is able to provide ample power without employing too much voltage. Batteries that boast this quality are more efficient and are able to last longer than low voltage ones.

The operating temperature

The operating temperature refers to the degree at which the battery can reach its maximum output. This is another essential factor that often goes by the wayside. Great high-performing batteries should have a high voltage coupled with a very low operating temperature. This contributes to shielding the battery from overheating and short-circuiting.


This is a standard factor that applies to virtually any product. The specs and technical aspects are not the only variables that you should focus on, the build quality of the battery and its ability to withstand extensive use is just as important.

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Reviews of the best vape batteries in 2023

1 – Samsung

Samsung is a name that needs no introduction. The South Korean giant has consistently delivered some of the most advanced and reliable electronics and this vape battery is no exception. It boasts a power rating of 2500 mAh, its maximum rate reaches a staggering 20 amps, and it is characterized by an exceptionally high discharge. More importantly, it is remarkably versatile and perfectly suitable for a wide range of modification options.

The compact dimensions of the battery allow it to slide into any slot without requiring any effort and its slender design ensures that the vape remains light when it is being used. It is important to note that the battery should be fully charged before its initial use

The pros

The cons

2 – EBL 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

When it comes to practicality and value for the money, there are few packages that can match this one. This comprehensive kit includes a set of rechargeable batteries as well as the charger, saving you the money and hassle of having to purchase each item separately. For what you are paying, you are getting two valuable units for the price of one. The batteries are of the lithium ions type and are rated at around 3000 mAh. Moreover, the charger is specifically designed to accommodate them, which is ideal for obtaining a reliable and consistent charge.

Another important quality that the batteries boast is their remarkable ability to remain operational for a long period of time. In fact, they can retain more than 75% of their original charge after a full year of extensive use.

The pros

The cons

3 – AmazonBasics

These batteries are quite powerful and durable. They come pre-charged and are an ideal option if you value premium performance above everything else. Their capacity is around 2000 mAh and they boast 1,000 recharge cycles. One of the secrets to these batteries’ quality lies in the low self-discharge technology that ensures a reliable and steady power output at all times. Furthermore, they are designed to hold a charge for years as long as they are stored in optimal conditions.

The capacity to provide an exceptionally long period of usage is not the only interesting quality of these batteries. They are also capable of powering high-drain devices such as digital cameras, electric toothbrushes, and flashlights in an efficient and effortless manner.

The pros

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4 – GMT 2

These batteries are fairly simple and straightforward. They feature all the baseline qualities that you should expect out of a good unit and are their quality to price ratio is quite decent. As far as specs are concerned, these compact batteries from GMT are surprisingly impressive. The nominal capacity is rated at 2500 mAh and the max charge voltage reaches 4.2 V.

Another major aspect that is worth noting is the versatility of these batteries. They are equally adept at powering both low powered and high powered devices and their ability to retain charge is simply impressive given their low price. In addition to their great performance, they are also designed to last long and their permanent capacity does not dip below optimal levels even after years of use.

The pros

The cons

5 – Imren

The final option in our list is another set of batteries that combine both durability and tremendous power. With a capacity of around 3000 mAh and amperage that exceeds 40 A, these batteries are designed to power vapes as well as a wide range of low and high powered electronic devices. You can expect more than 8 hours of charge if you use your vape moderately.

Some of the other aspects that are worth praising include the longevity that they offer and their ability to keep permanent capacity at a decent level a full year after their initial use. Moreover, these batteries are authentic and the quality of their build is excellent.

The pros

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The verdict

Due to their overall simplicity, picking the best vape battery is quite easy. All the options that we reviewed in this article are capable of providing the three essential qualities that every good battery should have; reliable output, immense capacity, and safe use. We recommend that you go over the reviews and pick the one that you feel most suitable for your needs.

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