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Author: William Kerner
Date: March 25, 2020

Car Maintenance Tools Checklist - Having These Can Save You!

Car maintenance tools

Whether you want to avoid risking a car breakdown during a long trip journey, or you want to troubleshoot smaller car troubles on your own, keeping a DIY kit is always handy. Thus, you wouldn’t need to visit the mechanic every time your car doesn’t start, or there’s some other minor issue. It gets not only time-efficient but is also low on maintenance costs of your car.

Say, for example, your car ignition start is showing problems, which is one of the common problems. And in most of the cases, the car battery would be the one causing the trouble. With the toolkit, it only gets easier to troubleshoot. So, what are the essential tools to checklist in your DIY kit? Let’s discuss this.

1. ATV Battery

If you want your All-Terrain Vehicle to deliver the best performance you expect, you shouldn’t miss out on keeping best ATV battery handy in your tools checklist. It’s not new that ATV batteries don’t cope well with long periods of inactivity. If not in use for long, there is a process of excessive sulphation on the battery plates. It is a negative factor that can pull down your battery up-time, performance, and battery life adversely.

It might even get impossible to charge or jump-start your ATV. One maintenance task that can help your ATV battery is to keep it far from freezing temperatures using a battery charger. Given the sensitivity of the ATV battery towards inactivity, it is recommended to maintain a spare one. You can find a detailed report and review on the best ATV battery to consider buying here.

2. Car Battery Charger

Second to your car maintenance toolkit essentially should be a battery chager. During the later periods of your car lifetime, one common issue that can pop up is your car battery losing charge over inactivity. You would need to have a check on regular battery maintenance, the best way being to add the best battery charger in your car maintenance toolkit.

You should analyze the amperage, adjustable charging, and other features before picking the best one for your maintenance kit. Lookup for a detailed comparison of the best car battery chargers here.

3. Car Battery Charger

Car batteries can be the most unpredictable car component you would probably have realized. Just a night before, you would have run your car, and now, in the morning, it is facing trouble with a cold start. Even regular servicing from your car service provider doesn’t guarantee your car battery to start flawlessly.

Just imagine the worst, you being stranded in some area with no battery charging store around. It is always a good practice to keep your car battery charger added on priority to your maintenance checklist. With so many battery chargers available in the market, it may get confusing to select the perfect one for your car battery. You can follow this guide on the best car battery charger for your reference.

4. Car Battery Tester

To avoid battery failure all of a sudden, when battery replacement or recharge is the only obvious answer, it is important to monitor your car battery health regularly. It not only improves the battery lifetime but also helps you decide the best time to replace it.

Battery temperature and charge are the main factors to test the car battery for regularly. Any irregularity would help understand the battery problem further. You can find the outline of important features to check in your car battery tester before buying it here.

5. Impact wrench

A portable tool used by care professionals to open up parts as and when required is the impact wrench. The battery-powered impact wrenches are found their best use in regular maintenance work and not just during breakdowns.

Some of the best impact wrenches are the DeWALT DCF899HB 20V Impact Wrench, Milwaukee 2767-20 High Torque Impact Wrench, and the Makita XWT11Z Brushless Impact Wrench. Look out for their specs before choosing one.

6. Car Ramps and Floor Jack

Car Ramps and floor jacks are a priority. Period. If you want to change your engine oil by yourself, car ramps make the task safer and easier. They are way handier and safer to use over a floor jack anytime, especially during long fixing hours. You can simply roll up your car over the ramp with ease and quickly. One additional benefit of using car ramps is that they won’t end up damaging your garage floor or driveway, quite unlike floor jacks.

7. Rubber Mallet

Before you jump to the next tool considering rubber mallet, not an essential car maintenance tool, let me tell how it is handy. You can use it to fix bumps on your car body or bumper, or simply put, to beat out the malfunctioning rotor fan. It helps speed up miscellaneous jobs on car maintenance.

8. Breaker Bar

To get started with your very own DIY kit, one quick tool to have is the breaker bar. Whenever you feel a task needs tough strength like a bolt stuck up and not coming out easily, you can always prefer a breaker bar. The point is to work smart and not hard. It is simpler and easier to use over the traditional ratchet and get the tough bolts out easily.

9. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers would probably be the most common tool in our homes, right? But having the right set for your car is important. A must include in your automobile DIY toolkit; you would need both the large and small head screwdrivers for different works.

The large-headed screwdrivers also come in handy as a prying tool, while the smaller head ones can serve electrical part repairs and minute repair tasks.

10. Pliers

Another very handy tool that you would need to have possession of is a set of pliers, preferably a complete set. Pliers add in the extra manpower when holding on to or tightening up your car parts. Various types of pliers can be put to different uses, like slip-joint pliers, water-pump pliers, needle-nose pliers, etc. Probably following your car manual can help choose the right set of pliers you would need for your car maintenance.

These basic yet essential additions to your car maintenance toolkit can provide you the extra power you need for regular repairs. Not always is an expert needed to do the repairs, but learning from previous breakdowns and understanding the code like checking warning lights on the dashboard can be handy in fault diagnosis. So, pick up the right tools into your car maintenance checklist, and happy troubleshooting!


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