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How to Choose the Right Charger Case? Buying Guide 2022

Looking for the best Charger Case? The battery life of mobile phones has increased significantly over the last few decades but it is still impossible to get the battery by the end of the day. There are many panic movements in the day when you realize that your smartphone is going to die without a charger. In the modern world, youngsters can’t survive without smartphones. Youngsters are completely dependent on smartphones for all kinds of works.


To charger mobile phone emergency, you have to always keep up big power bank with you. But the power banks are generally not pocketable and they are not easy to carry. For the peace of your mind and unstoppable mobility, you must have a battery charging case. They not only charge the phone but they also work as a protection to your mobile phones back. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a trending model these days, so many people ask for a Samsung galaxy battery case there are many charging cases is available in the market but you have to choose the right one.

Charging cases were underestimated earlier

Most of the smartphone users these days want a better battery life than the reduced thickness of phones. The battery capacity of smartphones has increased constantly in the decades but still, they don’t give battery life for the whole day. The point is that if the smartphone makers build thick phones, they will both be battery efficient and durable too. To solve this problem, you can buy a battery charging case. You can choose from multiple options. It doesn’t matter what your battery killing problem, skipping between cell phone towers, playing graphic-intensive games or taking advantage of your unlimited talk time. The right battery case will solve all your problems by pumping extra juice into your phone’s battery. Also, if you choose the right battery case you can increase the battery life of your phone just double as it was before. With great battery life, you will never need to make eye contact with any other person on your daily commute again. Not all the battery charging cases are made equal, so let’s take a look at the factors you will have to consider when you are shopping for a battery charging case.

How to select the right charging case for your phone?

There are various charging case options available in the market, you can make a selection that best suits you. If you want to preserve the look of your phone and want to make it thinner then you have to buy thin cases that offer less protection. If you drop your phone many times, then you have to buy hard cases which offer great protection to your phone. Selecting a battery case is directly dependent on which features you want and which things are most important to you. If you want to buy a galaxy s6 battery case, you can take a look for the features you need before buying.

More mile amperes mean more playtime

Mobile battery capacity is measured in milliamp-hours (MAH). For example, iPhone 6 has a battery capacity of 1810 MAH, and the iPhone 6s has a slightly reduced battery capacity of 1715 MAH. While buying a battery charging case, you have to think that how much MAH do you want to increase. A battery case almost increases your battery life to double, the phone which was giving a battery life of 7 hours will give 14 hours after applying the case.

Capacity comes at a bulky look and high cost

The batteries with higher capacity are huge and have bigger heft. The more capacity the battery case has, the bulkier the case will look however there are some great models, for example, these Lg G4 battery cases. The more capacity case will also increase the weight of your phone up to 100% then it was before. It seems to be a huge increase when we write it as a percentage value. But it is not a big deal if you love fat phones and a big battery. If you want more battery life, be prepared to pay more as the capacity comes with the cost.

Charging and data syncing methods

Charging cables can be a deal broker in the buying of charging cases. The majority of iPhone users want lightning cable as their preferred charging method but the charging case comes with micro USB cables which are not liked by most of the users. Users also consider the pass-through charging but the cheaper battery charging cases don’t offer the pass-through charging. To properly charge your phone every night, you have to remove the charging case. Most of the battery cases do not offer pass-through charging, so users are not willing to buy them. Although data syncing is not an important point because these days users prefer cloud storage. The costly cables support the data sync but the cheaper cases don’t offer it. So, it is a better option to buy better quality and costly cables.

Capacity indicators used to check the remaining capacity

There is a very huge variety of case capacity indicator styles. In terms of capacity indicator, the apple does it best because it shows the indication on the case and also on the phone. Other cases in the market display the battery life remaining in many different ways, including on-screen indicators. Some of the single LED indicator in the power button of the case. Some of the cases show an indicator bar with 4 or more LEDs in the bottom or above the case. The more LEDs are blinking, more the power is remaining. Some battery charging cases also show the battery digitally. Indicators are used for giving the feedback usually. So, the battery charging case you use must have capacity indicators. For models like LG V20 Battery Case mostly has indicators built-in. So, take a look at the capacity indicators before buying the charging case. The best indicators are the best capacity it will show. As reading the above article, I think now you know all the important aspects of the charging case.

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