Everything you need to know about 8 volt golf cart batteries

Searching for the best 8 volt golf cart batteries? The first and easiest thing to think about when looking for a new electric golf cart is the age of the batteries you want to use. Numerous shoppers are misinformed about the maturity of the batteries they purchase, making this a crucial point. Most golf carts use an 8 volt battery.

A golf cart, unlike a car, does not operate on a single battery. You can buy them in sets. The standard number of batteries in a battery pack is 6. Likewise, six 8 volt golf cart batteries add up to 48 volts. Likewise, you can install 48v lithium golf cart battery and make the installation process easier.

All modern golf carts require a total of 48 volts, which is supplied by six 8 volt golf cart batteries. This article will explain everything you need to know about golf cart batteries.

Recommended 8 volt golf cart batteries

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8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries – Best Sellers

8 volt golf cart batteries Comparison of different battery systems

Golf carts necessitate a voltage of 48 volts from their golf cart batteries. It is recommended to use lithium golf cart batteries. Thus, a 48v lithium golf cart battery is a viable option.

There are 6, 8, and 12 volt batteries available; therefore, cart owners may think that buying four 12 volt batteries is more cost-effective than buying six 8 volt golf cart batteries. But is this the most effective method? Let’s find out.

6 volt golf cart batteries

The extended use time provided by 6 volt batteries is an attractive feature. Experts have found this out in their research. They determined that 154 minutes of operation at 56 amps could be achieved with a 6 volt battery. Therefore, the runtime provided by these batteries is superior as compared to 8 volt golf cart batteries.

Discharge depth is analogous to a golf handicap. A lower value is preferable. Experts show that 6 volt batteries provide the shallowest depth of discharge of the three voltage levels. With a typical runtime of 80 minutes, you may expect a discharge rate of 35 percent.

The cost is more than the alternatives we’ve been considering because you need to buy eight 6 volt batteries to run your cart. The average cost of a 6 volt battery is 1.23 times that of a 12 volt battery, according to research by US Battery.

8 volt golf cart batteries

It’s cheaper to get started using 8 volt golf cart batteries rather than 6 volt ones. When compared to 6 volt batteries, 8 volt golf cart batteries reduce the golf cart’s overall weight. Moreover, they cut down on time it takes to install the batteries. More importantly, 8 volt batteries have a median amperage of 56, making them a good choice. On average, the 8 volt batteries only last 128 minutes, which is 36 minutes less than what the 6 volt batteries can do at 56 amps.

The percentage of depth of discharge is also larger in 8 volt batteries than in 6 volt ones. Therefore, they will need to be charged more frequently over their lifespan. In the course of 80 minutes of operation, a typical 8 volt battery pack will lose 44 percent of its charge.

Furthermore, 8 volt batteries have a cheaper initial investment than their 6 volt counterparts. Likewise, 8 volt batteries are 24 times less expensive than 6 volt batteries.

8v golf cart batteries

12 volt golf cart batteries

The 12 volt golf cart batteries have the lowest amp-hour capacity (56) of the three types of batteries we’ve looked at. Unfortunately, at that rate, these batteries will only last for 110 minutes, which is 54 minutes shorter than what can be achieved using 6 volt batteries.

Also, compared to the other battery types, the 12 volt battery has the least impressive depth of discharge (DOD). The DOD hits 48% after 80 minutes, which is close to the maximum capacity of deep-cycle flooded batteries. These packs have a DOD that is 13% greater than 6 volt systems.

Considering the greater discharge depth. Since there will be more times that the 12 volt batteries are charged and discharged, the batteries will not last as long. As a result, they won’t last as long as 8 volt golf cart batteries.

With only four 12 volt batteries required instead of six or eight, their initial cost is the least expensive.

The right way to charge the 8 volt golf cart batteries

Two primary battery charger styles are available for use with 8 volt golf cart batteries. Some models feature an off-board charger that may be left in the garage and plugged in when you get home. Others will be equipped with a charger that can be used with a standard electrical outlet and an extension cord. If possible, try to get an extension cable with a 16-gauge wire or less, and keep it to a minimum length. Recharge is recommended after each use of the cart containing lithium golf cart batteries.

Do not forget to charge batteries after every use

Not charging your 8 volt golf cart batteries after each use can shorten their lifespan. No matter how far you drove it, even only a mile. Connect the charger to the golf cart and let it charge until the light goes out. The charger will automatically shut off when a battery pack has been fully charged. Disconnect the charger if it has been on for more than 24 hours, and get in touch with a golf cart repair shop to determine if the problem is the battery or the charger.

Because resistance and heat buildup increase with length, a cord that is 25 feet or longer should not be used for onboard chargers. Likewise, unsafe charging practices are a leading cause of fires in golf carts. A 100-foot extension cord wound up on a spool is effectively a resistance coil that can cause a fire if left unattended.

Why are golf cart batteries expensive?

Since you won’t need to fill up your golf cart’s gas tank every week, batteries tend to be pricey. You can think of them as a way to prepay for gas when you buy them. Although you’ll still need to charge the battery, the per-mile cost of electricity for these vehicles is typically quite low. However, 8 volt golf cart batteries are relatively cheaper than 12 volt golf cart batteries.


This article explains that 8 volt golf cart batteries have a lower upfront cost and less installation time. You can use these batteries in your golf cart as they are lightweight and relatively cheaper than other packs.

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