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Everything you need to know about iPhone 11 battery replacement

The capacity of iPhone batteries to hold a charge decreases as a result of regular use. The average lifespan of an Apple 11 battery is estimated to be between 18 and 24 months or up to 500 charges. Your iPhone 11’s performance may suffer from a decrease in speed if its battery’s chemistry has degraded. Read this iPhone 11 battery replacement guide if your iPhone 11 isn’t performing up to par.

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You should exercise caution if you see that your battery has enlarged. Even if you use the original battery, your iPhone can still show a “genuineness of battery” warning after a replacement. If your iPhone is still functioning normally despite the warning, you can ignore it. Read this article for iPhone 11 battery replacement, whether you do it through Apple or on your own. We’ll also fill you in on the details of phone battery operation and how you can improve its performance.

Things to know before proceeding to iPhone 11 battery replacement

Before making any choices for iPhone 11 battery replacement, you should know what happens to your iPhone 11’s battery over time. iPhone 11 uses a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, which is considered consumable due to its known degradation over time. It has nothing to do with quality; rather, this is how Li-ion batteries work. Cycle count is a measure of a battery’s age: Simply depleting the battery to zero and then charging it back up to full is considered one cycle. Since you won’t be cycling your battery from dead to fully charged every day, this might take as long as you like. A full battery cycle could take anywhere from one to two days.

With an estimated 500 charge cycles before showing signs of degradation, an iPhone battery would have lost about 20% of its capacity after two years of regular use. When the battery’s capacity decreases, the battery will drain more quickly and require charging more frequently.

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The lifespan of your iPhone 11’s battery is affected not only by the passage of time but also by how you use your phone. Your phone’s performance and ability to access enough charge to do the tasks you want will suffer as the battery ages. If you’re using iOS 11 or later, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Maximum Capacity to see how much longer your battery should last. Your battery life over the past few days can be viewed, as can the percentage of time spent in each app. You can use this information to make a more informed decision about iPhone 11 battery replacement.

Should you go to an official Apple store for iPhone 11 battery replacement?

The most streamlined and trustworthy option is Apple’s own service for iPhone 11 battery replacement. They will just replace the old battery with a new one. Apple provides free battery replacements for devices remaining under warranty or AppleCare+ coverage. If you want to avoid voiding your warranty or risking damage to your iPhone, we advise replacing the battery through Apple. By doing so, you may be assured that you’ll get an authentic Apple battery and not some knockoff. Likewise, you can get an original battery for your iPhone 6s battery replacement or any other iPhone model.

It’s also possible to begin the process with a single trip to your neighborhood Apple Store, albeit it may take multiple visits. With Best Buy’s new status as an official Apple service center, customers who live in areas without convenient Apple Stores have another choice for getting their Apple products fixed. Now that Best Buy is an authorized Apple service provider, eight out of every ten Apple customers are within a 20-minute drive.

iPhone 11 battery replacement by yourself

You can carry out iPhone 11 battery replacement by yourself, but doing so is not for the faint of heart. You should be aware that the iPhone uses powerful glue and that there are multiple components to remove before getting to the battery. It’s tedious, you might break your iPhone, and you’ll definitely lose whatever warranty coverage you had on your iPhone. Waterproofing features introduced by Apple with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will also be compromised if you do this at home.

Websites like iDoc and iFixit provide in-depth instructions for removing and changing the iPhone battery and tool kits that include everything you’ll need to do the job. You can do the same for iPhone 6s battery replacement and iPhone X battery replacement. It costs about $35 for a replacement set to be purchased. It’s more convenient than sending your iPhone to Apple for a battery replacement, but the kits aren’t foolproof, and if you damage your iPhone in the process, you’ll have to buy a new one.

Using a third-party repair shop for an iPhone 11 battery replacement

You may go to a third-party repair shop for an iPhone 11 battery replacement, but you should do so with caution. These stores often provide quality repairs at considerably lower costs than Apple’s, but with less assurance of the outcomes and warranties. Since the quality of a repair shop is more of a mystery, it’s important to read customer feedback before making a decision. They need your business, so they’ll likely give you a decent rate, but it won’t be covered by any warranties. The overall quality guarantee is less strong than what you get from Apple. You can also do it for iPhone X battery replacement; however, the cost may vary.

Possible ways to increase the battery life of an iPhone 11

Turn off location services if you want your battery to last as long as possible until you can get it replaced. Likewise, turn off automatic app updates. Activating the automatic brightness feature can also increase the battery life. In addition, turn on airplane mode when you’re not going to be using your device for internet access. Following these tips, you can extend the battery life and avoid the iPhone 11 battery replacement.


The battery in your iPhone 11 should last you several years. The aforementioned suggestions can help you get the most out of your battery. If you need iPhone 11 battery replacement, you can do it at any Apple Store. Using a third-party vendor or repair shop can save you money if you’re comfortable with the process and the quality of the work, but you’ll likely lose the protection of Apple’s warranty in the process.

Nonetheless, if you want high-quality service and to preserve your warranty, it’s best to get in touch with Apple. Moreover, we have a detailed guide on 100 ah lithium battery. So, if you want to know how long a 100 ah lithium battery last and what its price is, read our guide.

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