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Author: William Kerner
Date: October 6, 2020

How Often To Replace Car Battery and How To Avoid Replacement

How Often To Replace Car Battery

A car battery in one of the essential things in a car, which many car users ignore and do not follow a perfect maintenance schedule. Typically, a car battery life works better up to 4 years of usage; it is a great idea to replace your car battery every 4-5 years.



Though every car battery life can vary depending on various conditions, you need to consider some factors before thinking about replacing your battery. First, you need to know whether your battery needs any replacement or not, and if you replace it, then how much it will cost.

With continuous consumption of the car battery, it can demolish its charging particles on the terminals rods, so you must check the battery conditions before you book your appointment.


How To Know Whether Your Car Needs Replacement Or Not?

There are various reasons behind a dead battery and a car battery having a low level of power. If your battery needs replacement, the following may be the real reason.

  • When you start your engine, it requires frequent jump-start to turn on your car engine.
  • Your car's headlights are dimmer than usual.
  • While you are driving, you see some power fluctuations like sometimes the headlights are too bright, and other times it's too dim.
  • You may experience some issues in turning on your engine and hear some weird cranky noise from the engine.

If you found out you have got a dead battery, then there is no need to replace it because you can make it work like a brand new battery with EZ battery reconditioning programs. The reconditioning program can jump-start your car's dead battery and make it last longer than usual car batteries. All you have to do is follow the guide's instructions carefully, and you can save a lot of money.

Causes Of Car Battery Power Weakening 

Generally, a car battery will last up to four to five only if it is maintained well. However, many factors affect the life of the car's battery.

  • If you forgot to turn off your car's light, it would reduce the car battery's lifespan, and you may have to jump-start several times to start the engine.
  • Leaving your car in the hot weather can increase the temperature under the hood, and in extreme heat, the battery fluid can evaporate.

A car battery needs maintenance after every six months, so you need to keep checking the battery terminals to ensure the car battery is in good condition.

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