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Author: William Kerner
Date: October 20, 2020

How To Change A Car Battery - It's Much Easier Than You Think

battery change

To prevent the chances of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, you must know how to change a car battery. No matter how good you treat your automobile, car batteries will still wear out and require to be replaced after some years. It is like one of those regular maintenances demand which every car owner faces. However, replacing the dead battery with the new one is quite an easy task.



You can do it by yourself without the help of a professional. Though, if you do not want to purchase a new battery, then you can try the battery reconditioning programs. With the help of their proficient recondition program, you can give back life to your car dead battery and can save a lot of money. Their proven reconditioning programs are suitable for beginners and professional as well.

Their process is quick and easy by following simple steps, and you can make your dead battery work like a new one. So here we have enlisted the steps to disconnect and install a new battery. Before starting, you will need toolbox, fully charged battery, terminal protectors, safety glasses, gloves, carrying straps, and towels. Let us begin.

Removing The Battery

  • First, locate the battery in your car by looking at the manual because some vehicles have their batteries under the hood or some may have under the floorboard in the trunks.
  • Identify the negative and the positive terminal and remove respective cables attached to both hands, starting with the negative terminal then moving further to the positive one.
  • With the help of a wrench, loosen the clump of the negative terminal and remove the cable with the help of a terminal puller and do it same with the positive terminals. Remove both the clamps holding the battery in place and set them apart to avoid the chances of any spilling or misplacing cables.
  • Carefully lift out the battery without shaking it too much. Though, get ready, it is going to be a bit heavy. So, with the help of the strap located on the sides of the battery and lift it.

Install The Battery

  • Examine the cable terminal and ensure that these are correctly clean and there should not be any other residue of corrosion left on the terminals. If not, then clean them with the use of cleaning terminal solution. However, if you are still failing in cleaning the terminals, a wire brush will do a great job. The cleaner your clamps and posts are the better will be the connection of your battery.
  • By lifting it with the straps and carefully place the battery in its position and connect the negative terminal followed by the positive terminals and tighten the clamps, which loosened earlier.

Remove the rubber on the terminals and apply the petroleum-based gel on each terminal then connect the terminal posts. Use the wrench to tighten the connectors and you are done.

Once you are done replacing the battery, you can do something with the dead battery. The simple steps mentioned above will help you to replace the battery of your car.

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