How To Check AirPods Battery – Easy guide 2023

Looking for an Airpods Battery? With the greater innovation of apple is the AirPods that are convenient, cordless, and cool looking. With the sleek design of these AirPods, they fit your unique style but is it difficult for some people to determine any functionality issue and the battery life of the iPhone AirPods.

But all thanks to the Bluetooth technology, it will display the battery percentage of your AirPods whenever you pair them with an iPad, Mac, or iPhone.

Airpods battery

There are two ways you can narrow your AirPods charge status.

Looking For AirPods?

  • On your ios device, turn on your Bluetooth and open your AirPods case lid. Keep the case close to your ios device and wait for a few seconds. You will see the charging status of your AirPods and charging case as well on display.
  • Another way to find to check the battery status is to swipe left to right from the home screen tab and scroll down at the end to click
  • on the edit button. There you will see a + sign right beside the battery widget and by clicking on it.
  • This way, you can check the battery percentage of your AirPods on ios devices.

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