How To Check Apple Pencil Battery

With Apple iPad development, Apple devices do not usually show their battery percentage on display. Whether it is an apple pencil or iPad, if they do not indicate the battery percentage, you need to use a widget in your Apple iPad.

However, the apple pencil has a battery life of 12 hours. If your iPad pencil battery runs out, you need to connect the iPad lightning charger, which magnetically charges the pencil battery on the side of the iPad Pro or iPad.

Moreover, if you are using the apple pencil for a longer period and still do not know how to see your apple pencil’s battery percentage. Then, learn how to check the battery percentage of apple pencil from the following information.

  • First, go to the home screen tab and swipe from left to right to check the battery widget, there you will see your apple pencil battery percentage.
  • If you cannot find a battery widget, go to the bottom and tap on the edit button. By pressing the + sign, you will see next to the battery icon.

It will show the battery percentage of your apple iPad and pencil in the battery widget; if you can still see the percentage, then charge the apple pencil and reconnect it.

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