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How to check battery health on Macbook – Best Guides 2023

How to check your battery health on a MacBook? Generally, computer batteries have a limited life and can degrade over time. So, it is the first thing you need to check on your MacBook, whether it has a good health battery or not. If not, you can replace it by yourself or can pay apple to replace it.

If your MacBook battery is on the verge of failing or already dead, you can use the reconditioning programs. With the help reconditioning guide, you can give your MacBook dead battery back life and make it work even better than before.

However, to check the battery status on your MacBook, you have to press and hold the alt button and click on the battery icon visible in the menu bar. Once you did it, an advance option window will open, where you can check all the information regarding your MacBook battery status.

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There are four kinds of battery status

Normal – it means your battery is functioning and working very well, has excellent health.

Replace soon – it means the battery is working very fine, and it keeps fewer charges than before. The MacBook battery will need replacement soon.

Replace now – the MacBook battery is working fine, but it is holding lesser charges and much degraded than before. It means you need to replace it as soon as possible to avoid any damage to your laptop.

Service battery- the battery needs to be replaced because it can get damaged or overheated, damaging other systems of your MacBook.

Once you know your battery condition, you can schedule when the MacBook battery will need replacement.

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