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Author: William Kerner
Date: October 7, 2020

How To Clean Battery Terminals - Easy To Follow Guide

Battery Terminals

Keeping the car battery clean will prevent your car to hamper at the most critical time. Everybody knows that eating a clean diet will help him or her to maintain good health; thus, it applies to the same with maintaining your car. With the regular care of the interior as well as exterior keep your automobile from getting any problem that might arise in the upcoming future.

Though cleaning the terminal of the battery is one of the main factors that most of the people overlook, which can cause some severe problems. To prevent any future problem arise from the corroded battery, you can take several measures. Though, you can clean your battery terminal with the help of material available in your household.

You can save hundreds of dollars, all you need to know how to clean the corroded terminals at home. Here we have enlisted a few steps to ease the cleaning process of corroded terminals: 

  • Find The Battery

Almost every car batteries are stored under the hood and positioned on the right or left side of the car engine. However, there some models of luxurious car or sports car that have their battery located in the trunk. Thus, finding the battery will help you to analyze the battery condition.

  • Remove The Terminal Covers

The terminal of every automobile battery is covered with a rubber or plastic cover protection. So, these covers need to be removed to gain access to the clamps; which connect the terminal with the cables. A corrosion residue may appear like a white powder, which you need to clean it away. Moreover, remember to wear safety glasses and work gloves before touching the terminals.

  • Remove Cables From The Terminal 

You need to disconnect the wires attached to the terminals to clean it properly. You need to start by loosening the negative clamp then go for the positive clamp. If excess corrosion particles present on the terminal, use metal pliers to remove the clamp. Keep in mind while cleaning the battery, avoid touching any other metal; which can result in short circuit.  

  • Select A Cleaning Agent

These days the most common cleaning agent is baking soda. You need to mix two spoons of baking soda along with equal water and stir it well to make a paste. With the help of a toothbrush apply the paste on both the terminals and leave it for a few minutes, it will start interacting with the corrosion residue.

  • Clean And Dry 

When you have cleaned the terminal properly then dry it with a clean cloth, make sure there is no residue left on the terminals. After that, apply a petroleum-based gel on each terminal and reconnect the clamps.

By following the above steps, you will able to clean the battery terminal quickly and safely. Before initiating the process, remember to wear gloves.

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