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Author: William Kerner
Date: December 27, 2019

How to Improve Battery Life for Smartphones? Easy Step By Step Guide

Battery Life Improvement

Smartphones are capable of doing way more stuff than they used to do a decade back. A huge difference in size, design, and battery capacity made it a highly advanced option. The only issue which is causing major trouble among smartphone is battery life. Even after so many changes in a smartphone, they start getting thinner, which left a small space for the battery.


Designers have to come up with some great capacity battery, but overall battery-life is still the major concern. If you want to improve your battery life and get the best out of your new smartphone, then there are several tips that you should keep it in mind. Let's get started by following some of the below-mentioned tips –

  1. Using Wireless Charger

If your phone supports wireless charging, then you should consider going for it. Wireless charging is slow charging, and it always enhances battery life and gives you the best out of it. When smartphone charge at a fast rate, they heat up, and heating is bad for your smartphone as well as battery. Due to this reason, you should consider going for slow charging for better battery life. This will give you better battery backup, and you can rely on it without a single issue.

  1. Slow Charger vs. Fast Charger

In case of having a top-notch smartphone like iPhone 8 or later version, you get a normal charging brick that charges your smartphone at a slow rate. You can easily buy a fast charger, but it is better to avoid fast charger because when you use such high-power charging bricks, your phone's battery heats up. Heating will decrease the battery peak capacity, and you won't be able to expect similar battery backup. You can easily find the difference after six months of fast charging. However, if you are the owner of the iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or older, you shouldn't worry about fast charging as they not really compatible.

  1. Charging While Using the device

Most of the people use their phone while charging, which make it hard for the device to maintain the battery level and provide peak performance. In such cases, your phone's battery is charging, and CPU is consuming a good amount of power from the same. This led to heating, and you know that it can be bad. Even doing the same on a daily basis will reduce the peak performance by 30%, and you can find the difference in a short time period with ease.

  1. Going for Full Charge

To expect better battery life, always charge your smartphone more than 95% before unplugging the device. And, try not charging your device if it isn't below 30%. In such cases, you are using the full potential and not causing any kind of mess on batteries. The battery capacity is dependent on type, but it is a common technique of charging your device whenever it is below a particular number. After completing the charge, and waiting for a couple of seconds will help to boost the battery life.

  1. Extreme Heat and Cold

Playing games on a smartphone is a fun thing to do, and if you are running a high-end graphical game, your smartphone will struggle for power supply and consume lots of power. In this period, your smartphone starts heating by a little, but if it heats up too much, then you should avoid the use. Try cooling it down by external sources like as putting it in front of cool air coming from AC. This will prevent any kind of damage, that's why you can rely on it with ease. Even, don't think too cold temperature is good for it, because extra cold battery starts freezing and reduce performance.

  1. Screen Brightness and Screen Timeout

Getting better battery backup is absolutely easy when you prefer screen brightness to be on an adequate level. Using max brightness can drain your battery at a faster rate. The effective solution is to turn on auto-brightness adjustment mode and to choose the screen timeout to 15 seconds. This will prevent unwanted drainage of battery, and you can find a difference of 5 to 10% at the end of the day. The screen uses the major part of the battery; that's why you can consider it.

Bottom Line

These six tips are helpful in increasing battery life. Make sure that heating is the major cause of reducing in battery capacity. Using these quality tips will let you expect a better battery life with ease.

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