How to jump a car battery?

All You Need To Know About How To jump start a car battery? Quick and easy step by step guide

Have you ever suffered from a situation when your car battery stopped responding mid of the way? Car batteries create a lot of problems when they are getting old in age. Like it will perfectly start when you are leaving your home and will stop working when you stop in midway. At that moment, you just feel like you should sell your car and call a cab, but wait, you can jump your car battery.

If your car battery is old enough that it is completely worn out or creating a lot of disturbance midway, you should try to recondition a car battery. You will quickly learn it via the Ez battery reconditioning program. 

The process to jump-start your battery

To give your car a jump-start, you need not require any professional knowledge; you can give your car battery a jump start in the mid of the way when it stops. To give it a jump start, follow the following steps:-

  1. For giving your car, a jump start, the basic that you will require is jump cables. Take out your jump cables.
  2. To give your car battery a jump-start, you will require an additional battery power; for this, you can ask any other vehicle on the road for help.
  3. Place and park both the vehicles in park mode or Neutral and turn the ignition off in both the cars.
  4. Attach the red cable to the positive terminals of both the battery.
  5. Attach the black cable to the negative terminal of your car battery.
  6. After this, attach the other end of the black cable to unpainted metal.
  7. Now you can start the already running vehicle and let it be for a few minutes.
  8. Now give ignition to your vehicle.

In case your vehicle doesn’t start, make it double sure that the cables are in the correct places and give it a try.

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