How To Tell If Car Battery Is Dead

All You Need To Know About How To Tell If Car Battery Is Dead – Step by Step guide

Trying to find out if your car battery is dead? If you hear any cranky sound from your engine when you turn on your engine, it means you have a battery problem. Moreover, you may also notice that your light of the dashboard is not working or when you start the engine; you hear no sound. You can try to jump-start your car, but you should know that your battery is on the verge of failing.

Make sure to replace it or fix the problem as soon as possible to not cause any further issues on your journey. If you found out you have a dead battery, you should opt to use the reconditioning program

Once you have to use the reconditioning guide, you will not have to pay for a new battery; you can still use the existing one. However, many indications can tell your car battery is dead. The following indication will help you to analyze whether you have a dead battery or not.

  • Engine Clicks Slowly Or No Movement

When you turn on your ignition and hear no sound or some fading clicks, it means you got a battery issue. The engine requires enough power to turn on, but it will not turn on if the battery fails to provide enough power to the engine. The reason behind this is the low power of the battery or a dead battery when hearing no or short clicks from the starter.

  • Interior Lights

Another indication of a dead battery is that you cannot turn on the interior light of the car. Moreover, most cars include warning lights when the car does not get enough power supply. It blinks much time after a few seconds to let the owner know they got a bad battery or a dead battery. So if you check the terminals of the battery for corrosion accumulation, if they have corrosion deposited, then clean it with a baking soda solution.

  • Swollen Size Of The Battery

If you notice your car’s battery is swollen or fat, then you need to replace it as soon as possible. And if you do not see any swollenness, then it is because the alternator has given wrong information regarding the voltage. As sometimes, a battery can get overcharged due to the generation of hydrogen gases faster than releasing it. This situation can damage the battery, which cannot be reversed.

  • Sense Some Odd Smell From The Battery 

If you have sensed a weird smell from your battery, then it is a warning sign that your battery will fail soon, or it is already failed. Generally, batteries do not have any smell; if you notice a smell like rotten eggs or any other weird smell. It means the battery has leaked all its gases and sulfuric acid, which is dangerous for different parts of the car. It recommended that replace the battery immediately.

The points discussed above will help you identify a dead battery in your car and replace it with a new one.

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