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Author: William Kerner
Date: October 8, 2020

How To Test A Battery With A Multimeter - Best and Easiest Method

Car battery multimeter

Car batteries are an essential element of every car, and the owner mostly ignores it until it fails. It is very frustrating when you turn on your ignition, and you hear some clicks from the engine. Even after you tried it 2-3 times, but your engine does not get started, it means your battery cannot deliver enough power to your car engine. Having a low power or dead battery is the main reason why your car is not getting started.


Maintaining your car's battery hygiene twice a year is necessary to make it last longer. It also maintains the battery charges on the terminal to supply enough power to the car battery. You got a low-level battery power and need to check; whether it is good or not. You can take the help of a multimeter because it will help measure the voltage running in the car's battery terminals.

A multimeter is an electronic device used to measure volts, amps, and resistance from an electronic supply. One of the main workings of a multimeter is to test the power of the car battery. If you use it properly, it will show accurate voltage readings flowing the car battery terminals. Thus, it is necessary to know that your battery is healthy or needs a replacement.

Prepare The Car Battery 

First, locate your car's battery and check whether the terminals are clean or not. Because it will keep the multimeter to take an accurate reading. If corrosion and dust are accumulated on the terminals, clean it with baking soda to ensure that it provides a perfect reading of voltage in the battery. Moreover, make sure you wear gloves while checking the voltage on the battery's terminals, and the multimeter dial should be set to 20 volts to inspect the vehicle battery.

Measure And Analyze The Readings

Once you have connected to the multimeter's probes, you will get the terminals' reading of voltage. When the multimeter probes touch the terminals, it should start showing readings. If you see a reading between 12.2 to 12.6 volts, it means a health battery, and if you see below 12.2 volts, it has fewer charges. However, if you have a lower battery voltage or a dead battery, you can follow the reconditioning programs of EZ battery reconditioning. It will help you to jump-start your dead battery and give it a new life.

The steps mentioned above will help you to know about how to test your car battery with multimeter.

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