Hp Envy M7-U109dx Battery Replacement

Everything You Need To Know About Hp Envy M7-U109dx Battery Replacement -Terrific Review 2023

Laptop batteries are more likely to degrade over time due to continuous consumption. At some point in their lifespan, they might lose the capability of holding charges or may not last longer than before. Therefore, it would be great for you to use a hp envy m7-u109dx battery replacement in place of a defaulted or dead battery to bring back the life of your hp laptop.

Thus, you need to consult a professional laptop provider to gather the serial number of the battery and what type of battery can be used as a replacement. It will help you find the right battery replacement for your hp envy series laptop. While replacing the battery, you should use proper tools because replacing the battery is quite complicated, and proper tools will protect the laptop system from taking further damage.

Amazon’s Best Sellers List – Hp Envy M7-U109dx Battery Replacement

Therefore, you need to know about the actual details related to the current battery to make it easier for you to buy the right replacement for your laptop battery. If you are not sure about where to find the serial number either you can download the hp assistant software, which will provide you with a detailed guide related to where you can find the battery model in the laptop.

Techeer Hp Envy M7-U109dx Replacement Battery 

Techeer is specialized in manufacturing laptop accessories such as laptop batteries, ac adaptors, and other electronic products. Moreover, every product is manufactured using top-notch quality material to ensure better performance and durability. They are dedicated to providing their customers with excellent quality services to enhance customers’ satisfaction.


  • The company makes use of premium quality material for manufacturing batteries to ensure greater performance.
  • The lithium-polymer cells are used in the battery to provide full charges.
  • A wholly charged lithium-polymer battery can supply a voltage of 11.55 volts.
  • The battery has a capacity of 41.5 watts per hour and can be fully charged in 3 hours.
  • Apart from the replacement battery, it will also include two free screwdrivers.
  • The battery is compatible with HSTNN-LB7F, HP SG03XL, 849049-421, 849048-421, 849314-850, HSTNN-LB7E, 849315-850, SG03041XL, SGO3XL, SG03061XL, TPN-I126.
  • You can replace the battery with Hp Envy M7-U009DX Series, HP Envy M7-U Series, Hp Envy 17t-U000 Notebook Series, Hp Envy 17-U011NR Notebook Series, and HP Envy m7-u109dx w2k88ua.
  • The condition of the battery will be 100% brand new and freshly manufactured.
  • Grade A cells are using the battery to ensure low power consumption and faster charging.
  • The battery is equipped with a system to protect it from short circuits and leakages.
  • With certified protection, it increases the operating time of the battery by 25%.
  • The battery is backed up by a 24 month warranty period along with a return policy of a money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • The battery weighs only 250 grams.
  • The dimension of the battery is 11.18 x 4.49 x 1.38 inches.


  • The battery can fit in different models of hp envy series laptops.
  • The company has offered 24 months of warranty time along with 24/7 email support.
  • The battery is certified for safety by CE, FCC, and RoHS.
  • The packed screwdriver will help you dismantling your laptop.
  • The lithium-polymer battery will provide robust performance and lasts longer than other batteries.


  • The quality of the tools provided along with the battery may not be right.

Rolada Store Hp Envy M7-U109dx Replacement Battery

Rolada store has been manufacturing premium quality batteries for the past few years and provided customers with quality services. Moreover, they are determined to produced high-quality laptop accessories like batteries, ac adapters, and other necessary electronic charges. So, let us have a look at the hp envy m7-u109dx battery replacement shipped by the rolada store.


  • The condition of the replacement battery will be 100% brand new and unused.
  • The battery is produced using lithium-ion cells to ensure excellent performance.
  • The battery has the capability to hold the voltage equivalent to 11.55 volts.
  • It has the capacity of holding charges equivalent to 61.6 watts per hour.
  • You can replace the battery with HP Envy Series: M7-U109DX, M7-U, M7-U009DX M7-U109DX, 17t-U000, 17-U011NR Series; HP Envy M7 17t-U000 17-U000, 17t-U100, M7-U009DX, M7-U000, 17-U163CL, 17-U011NR, 17-U177CL.
  • The battery is compatible with laptop models like HP 849049-421, 849315-850, 849314-856, HSTNN-LB7E, HSTNN-LB7F, TPN-I126, W2K88UA.
  • The SG03XL replacement battery is certified for safety by the official authorities such as CE and FCC.
  • The dimension of the battery is 8 x 4 x 0.5 inches.
  • The battery weighs only 230 grams.


  • The company has provided live customer support services to resolve every query of the users.
  • The lithium-ion battery will provide greater performance as compared to other replacement batteries.
  • It can easily fit in different models of the hp envy series laptops.
  • The battery is manufactured using protective layers to prevent it from leakages.
  • It has an in-build short circuit system that protects it from overcharge and over-discharge issues.
  • The company has provided customer support service through email.


  • The package does not include any screwdriver.
  • The company has not provided any information related to the warranty period.

Hp Envy M7-U109dx Battery Replacement – Current bestsellers

Crucial Points To Remember While Replacing The Battery

  • Once you have found the perfect serial number for your replacement battery, you need to decide between the online stores’ best replacements.
  • You should make use of proper tools to prevent any other damage to the laptop system.
  • The process of the replace battery of hp envy m7-u109dxis quite challenging. It would be great for you to watch online tutorials to dismantle the laptop quickly and carefully.
  • Once you have replaced the battery, you may need to charge it fully several times and use the laptop until entirely exhausted. And use the best practices to charge the battery to increase its life span.

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