Best Battery Replacements for HTC 10

All You Need To Know About The HTC 10 Battery Replacement – Terrific Guide and Reviews 2023

Looking for a HTC 10 Battery Replacement? After its announcement in 2016, the HTC 10 made a lot of noise. Good noise. This device’s excellent performance and quality make it worth having. It comes with a 12MP rear camera and a 4GB RAM package. With fast charging and a 3000mAh lithium battery, you can use it for a considerable amount of time without needing to charge.

However, lithium batteries decay after 300-500 charge cycles, the best, reaching up to 600+ charge cycles. A charge cycle is the complete charge and discharge of a rechargeable battery. A HTC 10 battery replacement can be swapped with your old battery. Symptoms that your battery is reaching is decaying include overheating, device lagging, and the inability of your battery to fully charge. Purchasing a battery replacement solves this problem.

Amazon’s HTC 10 Battery Replacement Best Sellers

Buyer’s Guide for Best HTC 10 Battery Replacement

Now that you have chosen to get a battery replacement for your HTC 10, it is only right that you get the best. Below are things you should check before purchasing a battery replacement for your device.

HTC 10 Battery Certification

Ensure that the battery replacement is certified by trusted bodies like RoHS and CE. This helps to guarantee that the battery replacement will not damage your device

Capacity of the HTC 10 Battery

The capacity of a good battery replacement should come close to that of your old battery. Best battery replacements have the same capacity or even higher.

HTC 10 Battery Compatibility

Ensure that the new battery is compatible with your device. Before purchasing, you will be able to go through the list of devices that the battery is compatible with. Check the model of your device and ensure that it is among the listed devices. A battery that is not compatible with your device will not power it. Even when the incompatible battery powers your device, it will be harmful to it.

Warranty – HTC 10 Battery

The battery replacement should have a 12-month warranty, at least. Hence, you do not have to pay from your pocket if the battery turns out to be faulty. It can be changed by the company with little or no hassle.

Best Battery Replacements for HTC 10 Battery

1. Cameron Sino


  • Compatible With HTC One M10, One M10U, One M10h, 10 Lifestyle, 10 4G LTE, HTC6545LVW
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Certificated with ISO9001, RoHS, and CE.
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee and 12-Months Warranty

2. Upplus

This battery replacement comes with a replacement tool kit. This means that you do not need to purchase a tool kit separately and that you can work on replacing the battery yourself.


  • Compatible with HTC 10 Lifestyle One M10h Built-in Battery HTC One M10
  • Comes with replacement tool kit
  • 3000 mAh capacity

Replacing the battery will require some teaching skills. It is advisable to pay a trusted technician to do the battery replacement if you do not have the skills to do so. It is important to take not that the components attached to the battery are very fragile and to be careful with them. Make sure your hand is dry and preferably wear gloves during the procedure.

Before assembling your phone, ensure that the battery works by connecting the wire and checking if your device is powered. Do not throw out the package box so that it can be used in case the battery is faulty. Still having the box helps in the warranty process.

Thinking of buying a new phone just to say goodbye to battery issues is common. However, there are better and more affordable alternatives. Getting a battery replacement for your HTC 10 can breathe new life into it. We hope this review helped you get the best battery replacement for your HTC 10.

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