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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 8, 2021

Best iPad Mini 4 Battery Replacement - Reviews 2022

Ipad Mini 4 - Photo By Cnet

Apple has the best line-up of iPad, which offers great quality features. The latest iPad OS is nailing the tablet category in terms of performance.

When it comes to the purchase of iPad Mini 4, you can expect high-end performance, a great screen size, impressive UI, and many other features.

Based on the quality and all the features offered into the same, you can like it, but the only issue is about battery life.

Over two years of straight use, battery life starts decreasing, and you might feel trouble getting the peak performance.

In such cases, the only option is to buy a replacement. With the consideration of iPad mini 4 battery replacement, you can eradicate such problems quite easily.

Best iPad Mini 4 Battery Replacement

To buy genuine battery replacement for iPad, looking at manufacturer, reviews, capacity, type, and the price is an important aspect. If you don't want to go through the range of products and want to make the right purchase, then you can look at our mentioned top 3 products. We already conducted research on these products and finalized that which one is best.

More options to consider


A genuine replacement that can work effectively as the original one is Shidai A1546 Replacement Battery Compatible with Apple iPad Mini 4. It offers a similar capacity of 5124 mAh, which makes it a reliable unit to grab. The key feature is, it is a Li-ion battery and it charges at a quick speed. In terms of battery conservation, it is quite an effective option to look after.


  • The similar battery capacity of 5,124mAh.
  • Come for an affordable price from the original one.
  • Effective power supply and charge at the same speed.
  • It doesn’t heat up at all.
  • One tool kit is also included in the same.


  • No cons reported about the same.


Based on the positive reviews, effective power supply, and similar capacity, it comes as the best option. It is easy to install, and the replacement kit is also included in the same. It offers a similar power supply, that's why you can consider it. Replacing the original battery with this one is easy, and it isn't going to take much time.


  • Durable Li-ion battery included in the same.
  • Genuine power supply and conservation.
  • Doesn’t heat while charging or on extreme use.
  • The tool kit is included in the pack for easier replacement.


  • Slightly expensive product of choice.

What Factors Should I check While Purchasing iPad Mini 4 Battery Replacement?

People who are looking after the iPad mini four battery replacement should check out below-mentioned factor to find the right product of need. Let's have a look –

  • The manufacturer of iPad Mini 4 battery must be certified and following the quality standards.
  • Many types of battery cells available that charge at a faster speed and conserve battery effectively. This will help in many ways.
  • Buy battery kits that come with the replacement kit. It will help to save your money, time, and efforts of buying it separately.
  • By checking out mini four battery replacement reviews, it becomes easy to take the call. It helps you learn about all the positive and negative factors of a product.
  • Most of the third-party manufacturers also offer a warranty. Always check out the warranty and after-sale services to buy a quality deal with ease.

Looking at these four factors, along with price and comparing all the deals, will let you sort out the right product. These details will help you make an informative decision. That's why it is quite a helpful option.

How to Replace iPad Battery?

Replacing iPad Battery is very easy, and it doesn't take much time at all. You can start following the below-mentioned steps –

  1. First, you should ensure that you have everything required for the replacement of the battery.
  2. Use the special screwdriver to unbolt star shape bolts at the bottom part of the iPad.
  3. After removing everything, remove the battery connection. Be careful; they are fragile.
  4. Remove the battery adhesive and pull it outside. Now, you can place the new battery.
  5. Make all the connections and then power on your iPad. Take care of hygiene.

If everything goes well, then turn off your iPad again and tight all the bolts. Now, you can use your iPad, but make sure that you pay attention to any kind of unwanted heating or reduced performance.


Can I Replace My iPad battery at Home?

If you have all the necessary equipment, then it is easy to replace the battery at home, but make sure to follow a video guide from YouTube.

What Equipment do I need to Replace iPad battery?

Plenty of Battery Replacement Kits are available online that can help. There is no need to buy all the necessary equipment separately.

How much time does it take to Replace a Battery?

It is totally based on experience factor but, if someone is doing it for the first time, then the whole process will take 30 minutes.

Can I use Higher capacity Replacement for My iPad?

Replacing an iPad battery with higher capacity is not a bad choice, but it is slightly risky. Due to this, go after genuine capacity or slightly extra.

What is the Battery capacity of Ipad Mini 4?

Well, iPad Mini 4 contain a 5,124mAh battery which takes tight to juice up and to put it into ease, try replacing the battery with a genuine capacity, not too high, not too low.

How To Replace iPad Mini 4 Battery?


Apple Launched its iPad mini 4 was launched in September of 2015. After all these years, the battery loses power for sure.

Replacement is necessary, and if someone is having trouble finding a genuine replacement, then he/she can prefer buying Shidai A1546 Replacement Battery Compatible with Apple iPad Mini 4.

Checking essential aspects and following a YouTube video will help to make the right call and buying a genuine quality product.

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