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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 9, 2021

iPhone 4s Battery Replacement - Buying Guide and Reviews 2022

iPhone 4s battery replacements

Even with the launch of the many newer models with extended battery life, post the popular iPhone 4S era, the latter is still a popular choice. While having a sturdy design and features, the phone also delivers great performance.

If you too love your iPhone and don’t yet want an upgrade just for battery's sake, then maybe it is a good option to go for the best iPhone 4s battery replacement. It will not only increase the phone's battery backup on a single charge but also bring back the performance to a greater extent as when it was new. Usage time being the prime reason for a degrading battery, an early battery replacement can help.


Buying Guide for Best iPhone 4s Battery Replacement

Our smartphones are our valued possessions, and so even for a battery replacement, it is crucial to look upon the key factors elemental to deciding the best pick.

Safety First

First things first, your iPhone 4s replacement battery should be certified safe with prior certification bodies including the FCC, RoHS, and CE. It allows you to have a secure experience while you use it.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the standard measure for how long your battery would run on a single charge. Higher the battery capacity, the longer it performs. Ideally, a good battery is one that has recharge cycles of a minimum of 300. Excellent battery capacity also brings relief from your past experiences with the old battery.


A battery warranty is handy to have. Given the situation arises when you have to get your battery checked due to malfunctioning or manufacturing defects, you wouldn’t require to pay out of your pocket. So before you buy your preferred replacement battery, be sure to check all the warranty terms and conditions along with the period of coverage. A warranty also gains you the trust over the manufacturer’s services.

Best iPhone 4s Battery Replacements

Other great brands to consider

1.   Battery+

The Battery+ iPhone 4s Replacement Battery is our first pick in the best choices and is suitably compatible with most of the iPhone 4S models. It is an original zero cycle battery with power specifications of 3.7V. The battery capacity stands strong at 1430mAh Li-ion, allowing you a carefree experience.

You can also get your hands on replacing the battery on yourself with the easy DIY kit that comes handy with all the basic to advanced tools you would need for it. The instructions manual and guidelines further help you in doing it easily without the need for tech assistance.


  • Full replacement toolkit included in the DIY kit
  • Affordably priced
  • Powerfully long battery life


  • None as of the date

2. The Regina Parts

Yet another amazing battery replacement for your iPhone 4s is the choice of the one by Regina Parts. The Regina Parts Replacement Battery for iPhone 4S is available as a 0 cycle count and is entirely brand new. The battery is of excellent build quality and comes graded with all the quality certifications in place, making it a premium choice for your iPhone 4s. This battery is compatible with all carriers and variants of the iPhone 4S only.

The battery comes with a complete DIY kit out of the box, including glue sticks and screwdrivers. The instructions manual and guide videos shall further help you make the replacement hassle-free.


  • 24 months full warranty covered
  • Full replacement toolkit included in the pack
  • Affordably priced


  • Low on power backup in comparison to other brands

3.   Bhoth

If you are still in doubt of a choice, here’s another complete DIY battery replacement kit for your iPhone 4s, and covers all the CDMA or GSM models of it. The Bhoth replacement battery for iPhone 4S is built with Grade A+ cells making your switch to a better experience than before.

With a battery capacity, the same as the original 1430mAh, this Lithium-Ion replacement battery for iPhone 4S has a voltage of 3.8V and a duration of 5.25Wh. The dual IC chip insides protect your device from overcharging or overheating while saving your battery from over-discharging. The instructions and video guides provided by the manufacturer shall help you in an easy replacement.


  • Safety certifications including RoHS, C€, FCC, ISO9001
  • Full replacement toolkit included in the pack
  • Affordably priced


  • Warranty details unavailable. You would need to contact the manufacturer directly.

How to replace iPhone 4s battery?

Final Thoughts

Given a choice, we would pick the Battery+ iPhone 4s battery replacement as the best in the range at present in the market. With brand warranty, you get back the lost power of your iPhone 4s. Also, the battery is well guarded against any charging issues with all standard safety certifications in place. Adding up to it, you get a full installation kit and hands-on installation instructions for your convenience.

There are also multiple suitable battery replacements for your iPhone 4s, and feel free to pick the one that best suits your feature requirements. Happy Shopping!

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