Best iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

All You Need To Know About iPhone 5 Battery Replacement – Powerful Reviews 2023

Looking for an iPhone 5 Battery Replacement? An aging iPhone 5 can be troublesome, especially a low backup battery worn out over-usage. Unfortunately, our phone batteries, including the iPhone 5, have a Li-ion core that tends to wear down over time and with usage. And what if the powerhouse on which your iPhone lays trust upon, the battery itself suddenly cuts out or dies?

You can be sure you have charged your iPhone just the night before, and now it didn’t even last a day, depriving you of all the communication and information. And if this has been happening pretty often now, it’s probably time to go for a replacement. Read on to find out more.

Best iPhone 5 Battery Replacements

The User’s Buying Guide

So, in the first place, how do you choose a battery in the market of iPhone 5 battery replacements, that goes light on your pockets but is a beast on performance. What makes us choose one over the other? Here are some key factors for an informed decision.

iPhone 5 Battery Battery Life

One crucial factor to consider in your iPhone battery has to be the battery life of the replacement. Say it should comply with the minimum average of 500 recharge cycles during its lifetime. That way, you shall be pretty much on the plus side in terms of achieving maximum power backup.

Safetyof the iPhone 5 Battery

A somewhat inevitable factor, to keep both your phone and yourself far from dangerous accidents. It is essential to look out for certain specifications on your replacement battery. Look out for the iPhone 5 battery replacements with RoHS, FCC and CE certifications. These certifications come with a guarantee against over-charging and heating issues.

iPhone 5 Battery Warranty

No one wants to fall prey to manufacturing defects in batteries, and that’s why a warranty is a must! You can use your battery replacement assured that it is not going to trouble you sooner. Also, check for the term of the warranty period. The longer the warranty cover, the better.

Customer Support

To be sure your warranty is well protected, you need to check for the battery brands that have a reliable customer care service in place. Not just warranty, even battery handling issues can be sorted out quickly with the help of the backend customer support team. It further helps build a sense of trust with the battery brand.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 5 battery replacement

ScandiTech Battery Model iP5- Replacement Kit with Tools, Adhesive & Instructions 1440 mAh

If you have been planning to change your iPhone 5 internal battery by yourself, you would need a proper replacement kit along with the battery. Screws and strips are minutely placed inside, and without the right set of tools, it might cause damage to your iPhone. The ScandiTech replacement battery for iPhone 5 comes with a DIY kit and instructions manual to complete the replacement. Thanks to the 1440 mAh hours battery, you can be assured to run on enough power all time around. On top of that, you get a 1-year warranty. What more would you need?


  • Complete replacement kit in battery pack
  • Overheating and overcharging protection
  • Even after 300 recharge cycles (~1 year), the battery capacity only gets down by a 10-20%

ScandiTech Battery Model iP5S-5C (not SE) – Replacement Kit with Tools, Adhesive & Instructions – New 1560 mAh 0 Cycle Battery

First, in our list of best iPhone 5c battery replacements, is the ScandiTech iPhone 5c battery. If you are facing battery quick-draining issues, this replacement shall help. Build with a lithium-ion core; the battery follows all the standard battery tests. A drop in capacity may be observed only after year of continuous usage with this battery, say after 300 recharge cycles.


  • Comes in a pack of complete Replacement Kit
  • High-quality build
  • Come at an affordable pricing
  • Easy to follow the manual guide
  • Complete repair solution available

Other great brands


This 1440 mAh replacement battery for iPhone 5 is perhaps one of the best you’ll find in the market at present. The replacement kit comes with a complete installation kit, consisting of screws and drivers. With a top ranking, this battery comes with the standard CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications. The battery is made of superior quality Li-ion core and a compact, lightweight design. If we talk about performance, the Daxtromn replacement battery is well optimized to provide you all the power you need to keep your iPhone 5 running. The battery charges super-fast and charges to full within a max of 3 hours. Once fully charged, it can go on for a day or even two without a recharge. Even 20% of charge is enough to run an emergency couple of hours.

iPhone 5 Battery Highlights:

  • Compact design
  • Durable and comes with a 2 year-long warranty
  • Full installation kit inside the pack


Another top choice 0 cycle iPhone replacement battery comes from Janbotek. In fact, it is one of the most popular recommendations and stores as much as 1440 mAh of power in the core. That’s more than enough power your phone would need on an average day. On top of that, you can also bank on it to deliver more power for emergency calls and texting. However, using the internet continuously for a long time discharges the battery quite quickly. That is a major downside to consider before making a choice. While you think upon it, let me highlight here the 24 months long warranty period that this iPhone 5 replacement battery comes covered in. The battery life cycle is around 500 recharge cycles but runs more than that. It is a safe option with all the RoHS, CE, and FCC certifications.

Highlights – iPhone 5 Battery

  • An average of 500 recharge cycles, in fact, more
  • Replacement kit available with the pack
  • Overheating and charging protection
  • 24 months long warranty

How To Replace Iphone 5 Battery?

Into Conclusion – iPhone 5 Battery

If you’re pretty sure of replacing your iPhone 5 battery, the above-mentioned list and guide are just what you need to choose the best. You must also note that opening up your iPhone 5 for a battery replacement voids the warranty, so consider visiting the iPhone care center if in warranty. And if it is the other way round, follow a guided instruction video before replacing your iPhone 5 battery with proper care. With that, have a great battery replacement buy for your iPhone 5!

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