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Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 5s Battery Replacement – Terrific Guide 2023

Searching for the best iPhone 5s Battery? Unfortunately, even our best cell phones wear down over time and with usage, mainly in terms of the built-in lithium-ion battery. Batteries have a recharging lifecycle, which describes the best number of cycles of discharging and recharging. After that, our iPhone 5s charge gradually deteriorates. Fortunately, with a brand new iPhone 5s battery replacement, you can always breathe a new life into your iPhone.

Best Iphone 5s Battery Replacements

The User’s Buying Guide

Before you shop for the best iPhone 5s battery replacement, it is important to be choosy in order to get the best bang for your bucks. So, what actually are the factors to decide upon? You might be wondering. Here are our best practice suggestions to arrive at an informed choice.

Safety First

Phone batteries can risk dangerous accidents. For that reason, it becomes important to invest in a battery that has got all the certifications to keep your phone safe. Look out for those batteries with RoHS, FCC and CE certifications in iPhone 5s battery replacements. These certifications ensure that over-charging or overheating won’t cause troubles to your phone.

Battery Life

We would recommend you to choose a replacement battery that’s capable of driving at least 500 recharge-discharge cycles. This way, you can be assured to gain the maximum lifetime on your battery.


Warranty is a must! It is always safer against any shortcomings and battery failures. This way, you can be assured of getting a new replacement for a faulty battery received. Also, ensure the battery warranty is at least a year-long because phone experts suggest that a battery may show its major issues in the first year of its usage.

Customer Support

You’d also need a good customer care team to be sure your warranty stays honored. Also, in any case of post warranty faults too, you can get them clarified with the customer support team. This also helps build a good level of trust with the brand.

Best iPhone 5s Battery Replacement

PAISUE [2180mAh] Battery for iPhone 5S and 5C (not 5/SE),  New Higher Capacity Battery Replacement

The Paisue 2180 mAh replacement battery for iPhone 5S and 5C is perhaps the top choice in battery replacements in the market at present. In its entirety, the pack includes a complete installation kit, with the full set of screwdrivers required for the installation.

Besides that, being an A+ graded battery, the battery is duly certified with various quality standards, among them being the CE, FCC and RoHS standards. In general, this battery is smoothly and compactly designed and is perfect for extreme to low usage conditions. Performance? Well, the Paisue battery ensures you don’t run out of power more than once in a day in fair usage.

This iPhone 5s replacement battery has a super-fast charging pace. It can easily attain full charge within 3 hours. And once it is up to a 100% charge, you can use it for up to a day or more without a recharge needed. However, you must note that the battery is completely dry of juice out of the pack and you need to ensure to recharge it over 20% before first use.


  • Powerful Li-ion core
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with a full installation kit


  • Can be cumbersome to install

Other Great Brands To Consider


What if you could replace your phone’s battery to extend its life longer than it is with your OEM battery? That’s what the Imilitis 1560mAh battery for iPhone 5s has to offer. Rated Grade A+, this battery unit boasts of powerful build and cells. Furthermore, the presence of a built-in chip complements extended battery life with short-circuiting, discharging or overheating protection.

And yes, most importantly, it is pretty simple to install the phone battery. That’s because the pack comes with a well-guided step-by-step instructions manual. On average first start, it would take about 15 minutes to get this battery on and running. And it can run normal usage for more than a day!


  • Backed by 18-months warranty
  • Comes with installation manual
  • A built-in chip enhances the battery’s life by over-circuit protection


  • Replacement kit not available in the pack

ScandiTech iPhone 5s Battery

Another top-notch 0 cycle iPhone 5s battery replacement is the ScandiTech battery pack that can carry up to as much as 1560mAh worth of power. And that is just more than sufficient power to keep you running throughout the day. On top of all, you can also bank on it to provide extra power if you primarily use your iPhone 5s for calling and texting.

On the flip side, the battery is low on runtime if you actively use the internet. This is  far from perfect.

But I would still say this Li-ion replacement battery is a bang on the bucks. The battery pack also offers an extended 24-month warranty, thus ensuring quality at all times. As for battery lifetime, the battery is confirmed to run 500 charging cycles.


  • Affordably priced
  • RoHS, CE, and FCC certificated.
  • Graded A+ premium battery
  • Runs up to 500 recharge cycles
  • Comes with a free repair and installation kit


  • Quality consistency issues with the brand

How To Replace iPhone 5s Battery?

Over to you!

Our best choice out of these reviews would be the Paisue 2180mAh high capacity battery. This iPhone 5s battery replacement is great on power and backed by a 1-year warranty. This comes together with a full installation kit and an extended battery life.

Okay then, that’s been a mouthful. We hope you found your own best choice for your iPhone 5s battery replacement. Happy Buying!

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