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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 9, 2021

Best iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement - Buying Guide and Reviews

iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement

The iPhone 6 Plus is a powerful phone with a powerful battery. The big battery helps facilitate the use of high-end apps and games at high screen resolutions. Quite unlike the older iPhone 5 or 4 batteries, the iPhone 6 Plus features a much larger capacity battery. But when the iPhone 6 Plus is still a popular choice with a better battery than before, even this doesn’t help the smartphone battery from degrading over time.

But no problem, there are multiple battery replacements for your iPhone 6 plus to consider buying. With proper care, battery replacement can be smooth and convenient enough. The best options to elongate the battery life of your iPhone are replacement batteries, which are easy to change and convenient to use. Let’s have a quick look at them!

Best iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement Buying Guide

There are many! And may vary from person to person. Lightweight, compact, capacity are some of the most common expected features in your iPhone 6 Plus replacement battery. Let's look at some of the essential factors to consider in detail.

Battery Capacity

The foremost important factor to consider in an iPhone 6 Plus replacement battery has to be the battery capacity or rating, as some say. By definition, a battery with a capacity rating of 2000 mAh ensures 2000 milliamperes of current supply for a duration of full one hour. So, you should always choose a replacement battery with a minimum of 2500 mAh, specific to the case of your iPhone 6 Plus.

Phone Safety

Battery charging involves a lot of circuitry, and it is not wise to not consider the safety instructions that come with a battery pack. Most batteries come with a built-in microchip that provides a check against overcharging and overcurrent protection. Also, look out for standard battery certifications, namely the RoHS, CE, and FCC standards.


You might think compatibility checks are always related to battery dimensions, but it is not so. Your iPhone 6 Plus needs a battery that is built exclusively for it. And you need to check the battery compatibility with the specific model of your phone.


Be safe in making the best battery replacement choice for your iPhone 6 Plus, but at the same time, be sure to consider the warranty period covered on the battery. It shall further help in ensuring that you stay protected from any kind of unconditional manufacturing defects.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement


The DAXTROMN Li-ion, Internal Battery Replacement, is among the most popular choices for your iPhone 6 Plus. It comes protected under strict quality control checks, to be specific Overheating, Over-Charging, Over-Discharging, and Short-Circuiting Protection.

This Grade A+ rated 2915mAh battery offers sufficient power to keep your iPhone running like new for a longer time. This pack includes all the tool sets needed to replace your old battery including:

  • 1 Set of Adhesive
  • 1 set of spare screws
  • 1 Philips Size Screwdriver
  • 1 Spudger
  • 1 Pentalobe(Five-Star) Screwdriver
  • 1 Suction Cup
  • 1 Sim Eject Tool


  • 2 years warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Overcharging and overcurrent protection
  • Grade A+ battery with FCC, CE, and RoHS Certifications

2. Daeta

The Daeta Battery is compatible with all CDMA and GSM models of iPhone 6 Plus phones, A1522, A1524, AT&T, Verizon, etc. This iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement kit also includes a complete replacement kit to help facilitate the battery change. The battery is a performance beast and can last more than a day with normal usage. The battery ensures your phone lasts longer or the same as when running on the OEM battery part. The high-quality IC chip further ensures the smartphone assembly is super protected from overcharging and heating damages while automatically monitoring battery running status.


  • Includes a complete DIY kit: with Suction cups, Spudger, Metal Tweezer, adhesive, and screwdrivers
  • High quality zero cycle replacement capacities
  • 18+12 months limited product warranty


The Nohon iPhone 6 Plus battery is a top-notch replacement kit available in the market at present and runs on Grade A+ cells ensuring speed charging and durable performance. Each Nohon battery is well tested under professional machinery and comes with FCC, RoHS, and ISO 9001/14001 Certifications. This 3480 mAh capacity Li-ion battery has 0 cycle technology and lasts more than 500 recharge cycles on an average. This toolkit also includes all the tools and accessories needed to replace the battery, including, Y type and Pentagon screwdrivers, suction cups, crowbars, and set of adhesive strips.


  • UL certification for extra safety
  • Silicon anode technology developed at Stanford University
  • Specific energy lithium-ion core batteries.
  • Extended customer care support from the manufacturer

How To Replace iPhone 6 Plus Battery?

The Final Verdict

Most of these choices are close competitors as iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements. In our opinion, we found the Nohon iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement a great investment. But feel free to select the one that suits your requirements better. Rest assured, all these option reviews are equally good and can surpass the performance of any outdated iPhone 6 Plus battery. And if you want to upgrade your battery sitting at home, follow a quick tutorial or instructions manual inside the replacement kit to DIY comfortably.

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