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Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 6s Battery Replacement – Terrific Buying Guide 2023

Looking for a iPhone 6s Battery Replacement? Be it because your old battery just drained out of juice forever or is providing bare minimum power in comparison to when it used to be new. Whatever be the reason, we have the best-sorted results for you! Read on to the best that would suit you.

Best Buying Guide For The iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

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Before jumping into the battery reviews, here are some primary factors to consider before buying the best iPhone 6s battery replacement.

Safety First

Before anything, there are safety considerations you need to check to be safe from any internal damage or risks to your phone or yourself. Follow the battery safety guidelines carefully. The replacement batteries with a builtin microchip serve great against overcharging and overcurrent hazards. Also, check for strict battery certifications, namely the RoHS, CE, and FCC standards.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is generally mentioned along with the battery and is in the units of mAh. A battery with a capacity rating of 2200 mAh would mean 2200 milliamperes of power supply over a time duration of an hour. Choose the replacement battery that has a higher battery than your original iPhone 6s phone battery.


Let me tell you most brands provide batteries compatible with both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. So be sure to check the battery compatibility with your specific iPhone model. Consider buying the ones designed exclusively for your iPhone 6s specific model.


To avoid falling prey to manufacturing defects in batteries, it gets very important to check on those replacement batteries, which offer a more extended warranty and better care service. Not always would you need it, but it just comes as a precaution against any unforeseen risks. And if such a case arises, you can stay out of trouble. Brand warranty, in a way, also helps build a sense of connection with the brand, provided they offer a hassle-free warranty cover.

Best iPhone 6s Battery Replacements


This iPhone 6s battery replacement is a Grade A battery with impressively long battery life. It is durable enough and built out of premium quality lithium-ion cells. It is manufactured under premium quality control and manufacturing standards. This battery is QC checked under all Quality Control Standards, namely, UN383, CE, and ROHS Certifications. Another benchmark is that the battery performance is Commbatt verified and qualifies for a 24 months long warranty as to quality assurance.

Out of everything, what you will like the most is that it comes with all the necessities tools, and an adhesive strip to assist you in a smooth battery replacement. So, if you have been looking for a quality battery for long, that could last for at least an entire day, this is the right choice.


  • Premium protection boards
  • Pre-installed adhesive strips on the battery
  • TI Gas Gauge IC Chipset
  • Easy Installation
  • Longer battery life


The SHENMZ is another long-lasting grade A battery designed to last at least 500 charging cycles on your phone. The battery has built-in super chips that prevent the battery from any overheating or overcharging issues when left idle on charge for long. The internal circuitry further provides safety from short-circuiting and discharging. This battery replacement kit comes with a pack of adhesive strips and a repair tool kit.

iPhone 6s Battery Highlights

  • Longer battery life
  • No overheating/ overcharging issues
  • Easy installation


What makes this replacement battery stand out from others is the extended battery capacity it provides to your phone, of up to 31%. The original battery capacity stands at 1715mAh, while this replacement battery provides 2250mAh, which is a significant boost. So, if you have been facing the challenge of the battery draining superfast, here is the perfect solution for you.

The battery replacement pack also includes a professional installation kit along with a tempered glass screen protector. But what I would like to highlight here is that though the battery installation in itself isn’t difficult, the challenge lies in following the instruction manual. So, I would recommend you to watch youtube tutorials for smooth replacement.

Highlights of the iPhone 6s Battery

  • Extended battery life
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a screen protector

iPhone 6s Battery Setbacks

  • The instruction manual is hard to follow, and you need to follow video tutorials

Final Thoughts on the iPhone 6s Battery

If you have been wondering about the costs involved in getting a battery replacement, let me tell you! Well, it totally depends on the method of replacement you choose. If you depend on the Apple store for the job or if you prefer a third party shop or do it yourself, the costs are going to end up different. While the third-party shops would charge you something between $60-$70 for the replacement along with the battery, you can do it yourself at home with all the tools at just around $30.

And as discussed above, these best battery replacement kits provide you all the tools you would need for your iPhone 6s battery replacement, and you can do it yourself simply by watching some easy youtube videos and following the instructions correctly.

Now, we have discussed and reviewed the most popular iPhone 6s battery replacements available in the market right now. So, buying a quality replacement for your iPhone 6s should be easy and straightforward. Choose the best among the top choices that fit in your requirements right.

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