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Terrific iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement – The Best Buyers Guides 2022

Looking for an iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement? The iPhone 6s Plus has been a flagship smartphone ever since its launch. Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is promising with cutting-edge performance, premium build, and a whole lot of quality features. However, one thing that remains common even with the iPhone 6s Plus is that its battery tends to wear out over a year or two of usage!

Following reports, more than 60% of iPhone devices face performance lags due to a degrading battery. Replacing your iPhone 6s Plus battery is one of the best and most effective solutions to such issues. While replacement from the authorized Apple Care Store is the first choice, it costs a lot more than the average cost of battery replacement. So, if you plan on DIYing, here’s just the blog post for you. Let us dive in.

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement Buying Guide

Choosing the right third party iPhone 6s Plus battery manufacturer might seem risky, but looking closely into the key battery factors can be of help. For a quality replacement, you should compare and contrast different battery manufacturers regarding these few factors. Let us have a look:

Battery Capacity

For your iPhone 6s Plus, you should go for no less than 2500 mAh option. Check the battery performance for different use conditions like web browsing, calling, etc. And then choose the one that fits in your schedule right.

Customer Reviews

You can easily find multiple product reviews on any iPhone 6s Plus replacement battery on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. In these reviews, look for performance indicators, heating issues, and ease of replacement, among other factors.


Most importantly, check if the one you wish to buy is compatible with your specific phone model. Some manufacturers might be selling out iPhone 6 batteries under the name of 6S Plus.

Equipment or tools

If you plan for a home replacement of your iPhone 6s Plus battery, you should consider buying a complete replacement kit, which shall be cost-efficient as well as a time-saver.

Optional Factor

Check for the return policy so that you don’t fall prey to a malfunctioning battery or manufacturing defects.

Top Choices in iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement


The most popular choice across Amazon in the best iPhone 6s Plus battery replacements, the Jemesi Li-ion battery has a capacity of about 27% higher than the original. So, you can now improve the good times you spend with your phone! The replacement battery is made up of an A+ grade Li-Polymer body.

This Li-Polymer battery is lightweight, efficient on energy storage, and assures safety standards with all UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications. So, in our opinion, this product is an absolutely reliable and safe replacement for your iPhone 6s Plus.

The battery comes with a complete replacement kit including:

  • 3500mAh iPhone 6SP battery
  • 1 x Adhesive Strips
  • 1 x Suction cup
  • 1 x Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 x Pentalobe (Five-Star) Screwdriver
  • 1 x Triangle opening tool
  • 1 x Spudger
  • 1 x Installation manual


  • Brand new 0 cycle Li-Polymer battery
  • UL safety certification, having passed the CE, FCC, and ROHS quality certifications
  • Comes packed with a complete replacement kit and instructions manual
  • Great customer care service, for any quality issues assistance

JBEIY 3500mAh Battery for iPhone 6S Plus

Next to our list of best iPhone 6s Plus battery replacements, is the Jbeiy High Capacity Li-ion battery. If your iPhone 6s Plus has been missing all the power it used to have when it was new; this is the perfect choice to regain the capacity. The 3500mAh big capacity stands at 28% higher capacity than the original. The Battery cell energy density is way higher than the original battery bringing in more power and standby time just at the same weight. It is quality checked by all third party security to guarantee you a better battery experience than ever before.

The complete battery replacement kit includes:

  • 1x iPhone 6S Plus battery
  • 1x Installation Guide
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Spudger
  • 1x Suction Cup
  • 1x Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • 1x Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1x Adhesive Strips
  • 1x Opening Gasket


  • Brand new battery with 0 charging cycle
  • 30-day money-back policy and a 12-month warranty
  • Detailed video tutorials help in easy battery replacement

JANBOTEK 3500mAh Replacement Battery

A full replacement kit with all tools and adhesives, including the battery, the Janbotek Replacement battery, is enough to fulfill the shortcomings of your old iPhone 6s Plus battery. Judging by most of the governing factors, including compatibility, dimensions, easy replacement, and performance, this battery is excellent on all parameters. This product provides an assured 30 days money back guarantee for any performance issues and comes protected under three years of warranty.


  • Compatible with iPhone 7.
  • Come with two years of warranty.
  • 30 Days money-back warranty.
  • Genuine built quality.
  • A popular choice on Amazon.
  • It doesn’t heat up at all

How to replace iPhone 6s Plus Battery?

Final thoughts

Among these popular choices, most stand close competitors to one another in the best iPhone 6s Plus battery replacements. In our opinion, we found the Janbotek iPhone 6s plus battery replacement worth it. It is great on performance and delivers on promised features. Still, feel free to choose the one that fits in your requirements better. All these other options are equally good, and it would depend on you to choose. And if you want to upgrade your iPhone 6s Plus battery sitting back at home, watching a quick battery replacement tutorial or instructions manual should help.

Came here for another model or just looking something else? Check out our iPhone 6s Battery Replacement and iPhone 6 Plus reviews.

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