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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 9, 2021

Iphone 7 Battery Replacement – Top Reviews and Guide 2022

Iphone 7 Battery Replacement

In the flagship smartphone category, Apple's iPhone is performing really well with cutting-edge performance, premium design, and range of features. Apple's iPhone 7, launched back in Sept 2016, is performing really well except one factor, which is battery performance. After one year of complete use, iPhone 7 battery isn't offering peak performance.

According to a report, more than 60% of devices get lag in performance due to this factor. Replacing your iPhone battery is one of the effective options in such cases. Replacement from the authorized Apple Store might be the best option, but it can make you spend a pretty good amount, and there is no need for that. Well, why to spend such a high price when you might be using the device for a couple more months only.

Due to this, going with a third-party manufacturer is a reliable choice. It can help saving money and to get the peak performance back again.

Iphone 7 Battery Replacement
iPhone 7 and original iPhone 7 battery on the side

Top 5 Battery Replacement for iPhone 7

To find the genuine replacement which is highly compatible, similar in performance and doesn’t even cause any heating issue, we found two iPhone 7 replacement battery that is good to go. Have a look

Our top picks


A complete replacement kit, including the battery from Uowlbear is enough to fulfill the need. The reason to grab this product is compatibility, genuine size, easy to replace, similar performance. It is only compatible with iPhone 7 only, so you can't have it into iPhone 7+ or iPhone 8. This product comes with 30 days of moneyback guarantee on having any issue with performance and it comes with three years of warranty.


  • Compatible with iPhone 7.
  • Come with three years of warranty.
  • 30 Days money back warranty.


  • A number of positive reviews.
  • Genuine built quality.
  • It doesn't heat up at all.
  • Offer similar peak performance


  • A 12% extra performance claim isn't true.

    iFixit Battery Compatible with iPhone 7

iFixit Battery Compatible with iPhone 7 - Repair Kit
  • Improve daily runtimes for your iPhone 7 by replacing an old battery.
  • Tested to confirm that there are no cycles on the cell and that the capacity is 95% or...
  • Fix Kit includes the tools and adhesive needed for a successful DIY repair.

Over the past couple of years, iFixit is offering a couple of replacement for a long time. With iFixit Battery Compatible with iPhone 7, you can expect similar performance with ease. It has a similar size, easy to replace, and it comes with all the necessary equipment to replace the battery. Even the brand credibility is good enough to rely on the same because they are offering quality after-sale services to rely on the same.


  • Come with Replacement Kit.
  • Genuine Quality tool.
  • Video to learn the replacement work.


  • Quality is good enough to trust.
  • Come for a lower price point from others.
  • Come with a manual guide to ease up.
  • Manufacturer offer complete repair solution.


  • No details about any warranty of the same.

Buying Guide

Choosing a genuine third-party manufacturer is important to expect up to the mark quality. In case, you want to get the best iPhone 7 battery replacement and never want to face any problem regarding the performance; you must look at the five key factors –

  • Compatibility - Make sure that you check the compatibility of the battery with your iPhone 7. Some manufacturer is selling iPhone 8 battery for iPhone 7 also but doesn't buy them.
  • Equipment or tools - Instead of getting the kit separately, you can consider getting the battery with the Replacement kit included in it.
  • Capacity – For iPhone 7, you should get a minimum 2200 mAh option. You should not avoid checking the capacity of the battery, along with performance.
  • Customer Feedback - Most of the reviews about that product can let you know about performance, any kind of heating issue, and replacement problems ahead of the purchase to ease up.
  • Optional Factor – Checking the return policy to feel secure about the product will let you eradicate the forceful use of the wrong product.

Looking at these five factors and having a good budget allow you to look after a quality deal and avoid the purchase of the wrong product. There is more replacement option in the market, but most of them are not good enough to consider.


Will my iPhone 7 lose the water-resistant property if I replace the battery?

iPhone 7 is IP67 rated, which means it is barely water-resistant and prevents simple damage. Opening the smartphone will remove adhesive used to block the empty pores. Even if you get the battery replaced from Authorised Apple Store, they will also tell the same.

Is it Safe to Replace iPhone Batteries At Home?

Choosing a DIY method seems risky, but if you take proper precautions and follow the guidelines, then it is not a bad choice. You should watch a video online regarding how to change the battery of the iPhone 7 and other factors.

What to Do if the Replaced iPhone 7 Battery heats?

Sometimes batteries start heating, and it occurs when you buy a battery that was manufactured a couple of years back. So, you should not use such batteries and get them replaced by the manufacturer if in the claim.

How to Remove Adhesive from the original iPhone Battery?

When you unbolt iPhone 7 and open it, you can find a small rubber type thing at the bottom part of the battery to pull. You need to pull it with little pressure, but you make to have a firm grip on your smartphone. Put a towel or soft thing under a smartphone.

When Should I Replace My iPhone 7 Battery?

People are having an issue with performance; finding battery juice ending very soon or any kind of heat issue should consider getting the battery replaced. If you can't replace the battery, then you can find videos online which can teach you the same.

How to replace iphone 7 battery?


Excessive heating of battery is risky, not for the smartphone but also for the user because it can cause blast and such other issues. Getting a battery replacement is a smart choice. The bonus tip is, iPhone batteries adhesive might take extra time to pull out but calm, and don't worry if it requires a bit extra pulling.

P.S if you also have an older iPhone model you can check out our iPhone 5s battery replacement and iPhone 6 battery replacement article as well.

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