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All You Need To Know About iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement – Terrific Buying Guide and Reviews 2023

Looking for the best iPhone 7 Plus Battery? Unpopular opinion from the tech experts, Apple has been known for silently maiming their phone batteries through frequent soft updates. Of course, the idea behind it is to nudge you into giving up on your valued iPhone and instead buy a new one. Fortunately, if that’s not your will, there is a way around. An apple battery replacement is one good way. Before we start with reviewing some of the best iPhone 7 plus battery replacements, let us start with a couple of important facts about iPhone batteries!

  1. iPhone Batteries Are two-staged Lithium-ion cell models, and these batteries do age through charge cycles.
  2. Apple’s original batteries are designed to run for at least 500 recharge cycles.
  3. In some cases, as the iPhone battery wears out, the phone also tends to slow down as a process.

So if your iPhone battery shows up with hard to bear issues, then it would make perfect sense to invest in the best iPhone 7 battery replacement available in the market, to bring back the device functioning to its best condition.

The User Buying Guide – iPhone 7 Plus Battery

Before you settle for choosing your iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement, we’d recommend you to widen your horizon while searching. Safety first! Prefer a phone battery that has got all the certifications: RoHS, CE, and FCC. Most importantly, buying a complete replacement kit with the battery replacement would benefit you. Some other factors to look out for are:

  • Warranty
  • Recharge cycles
  • Battery power
  • Customer care support

Best Battery Replacements for iPhone 7 Plus

Best Option –  JBEIY Replacement Battery for iPhone 7 Plus, New 3500mAh Super High Capacity Battery kit, with Professional Repair Tools and Instructions

This JBEIY iPhone 7 Plus Battery is the highest capacity best battery replacement for your iPhone 7 Plus device. This battery is compatible only with iPhone 7 Plus models, A1661, A1784, and A1785, standing strong at 3500mAh. The battery makes use of advanced technology for highly efficient charging and power savings to store more power anytime, giving your battery longevity. The installation gets super fast with the step by step instructions available with the battery pack. The battery pack also includes all the essential installation tools you would need, from start to end so that you don’t have to step out to get your battery replaced. The battery build is of superior quality, made from grade A+ materials, certified by the UL, FCC, and PSE for the quality standards.


  • High-quality installation tools in the toolkit
  • Clear installation guidelines
  • High capacity 3500mAh


DXYMN is one of the popular household names when it comes to listing the best manufacturers of iPhone 7 Plus replacement batteries. Indeed, the 2900mAh stands as a testament to its excellent engineering design.

This unit comes certified with all the safety standards in place. It supports super-fast charging with superb standby time. On a good day, this battery could last without the need for a second charge. The battery is 100% zero cycles new replacement battery and boasts to last up to at least 500 recharge cycles.

However, the warranty details are not listed, and you would have to get in touch directly with the manufacturer for more information.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a complete installation kit
  • FCC, RoHS, and CE certificated
  • Fully recharges in 2 hours
  • Comes with a full installation kit


Our first pick in the list of best battery replacements for iPhone 7 Plus is the Loctus Li-ion battery with a strong capacity of 3410mAh, which stands strong at 17% higher than the original battery capacity. The battery is quick to install without the need for technical assistance, given it comes with a complete replacement toolkit, including adhesives out of the box. The battery also supports fast charging. It is a brand new 0 cycle battery that can easily last for more than 500 cycles. This battery replacement is compatible ONLY with iPhone 7 plus models A1661, A1784, and A1785.


  • High capacity 3410mAh
  • FCC, CE, ISO 9001/14001 and RoHS Certificated
  • Easy installation
  • Affordably priced

How To Replace?

Final Verdict

So, which one did you pick? If you ask us, we will go for the Loctus iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement. The battery comes with a high capacity and all standard certifications, packed with a complete replacement kit. It’s well-designed, secure, and most importantly, reasonably priced. Anytime quality precedes quantity. But here the Loctus iPhone 7 Plus Battery replacement brings in both. Well, with that, it’s your turn now to pick the best for your iPhone 7 Plus. Happy Shopping!

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