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Terrific iPhone X Battery – The Best Buying Guide 2023

Looking for an iPhone X Battery Replacement. Is your iPhone X troubling you with below-par battery life? Do you always need to carry your charger everywhere you go just to be sure your phone never dies out? Well, that’s a sign you should think of getting a battery replacement to keep your iPhone X running like new! An investment here could save you from all the battery-related performance troubles.

The iPhone X Battery Buying Guide

Before buying your iPhone X battery replacement, you would want to know how to get the best value for your money, and for this, you need to be choosy in your decision. Here are some essential factors to consider for getting the best iPhone X battery replacement.

Safety First

Well, iPhone batteries too can explode. It is, therefore, important to make the right choice in picking the best battery replacement for your iPhone X.

But how to be sure? You need to check for safety certifications including, the CE, RoHS, and FCC. These assure you that the battery remains intact, keeping your phone safe from overcharging or overheating.

Installation Kit

If you want to make the replacement yourself, you would need a complete quality replacement kit. Most of the replacement batteries come in pair with their replacement kits, but a quality check is important. Cheap installation tools could do severe damage to your smartphone. Also, detailed installation guidelines and technical assistance videos could add to help.

Battery Capacity

Importantly, if you want to go strong with your battery lasting at least a day without charge, it would mean buying a battery with high capacity. Higher the battery capacity, the longer your iPhone X can run on a single charge. Also, the battery should be good enough to deliver a minimum of 500 recharge cycles during its lifetime. With this kind of battery, you could keep running for a long period without troubles.

Product Warranty

When it comes to electronics, it is vital to get it covered with a warranty. And the same goes for your iPhone X battery replacement. The warranty ensures you get the right technical assistance in case of any defects that may arise without warning for your replacement battery. The longer the warranty period, the better.

Customer Care

Next to a warranty, a good customer care team is essential; otherwise, the warranty turns useless. So, prefer replacement batteries from brands that are good on their backend support.

Best iPhone X Battery Replacements

Other great brands


First in our pick is the Imilitis high-capacity battery iPhone X battery replacement. This replacement battery is a built-in Korea ITM Chip that provides the best performance on your iPhone X device, the same as the original Apple battery did, standing strong at 2716 mAh. The replacement battery is a brand new 0 cycle replacement battery and can smoothly run for 500 charge cycles still running at 80% capacity health. For a greener cause, the Imilitis iPhone X battery replacement doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.


  • Complete replacement kit available in the pack
  • Secure and reliable with SGS, CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, MSDS certificated
  • Environment friendly
  • 18 months full warranty


One of the leading battery suppliers, the oGoDeal battery, is one of the best iPhone X battery replacements. The batteries are checked of standards to ensure you get a premium quality product. This oGoDeal iPhone X battery high capacity replacement is compatible with iPhone X models A1865, A1901, A1902 only. And being a 100% brand new, zero cycle technology, the battery stays poised to give you enough charge for long.

The instructions manual also helps you get started quickly without the need for technical assistance. The waterproof strip further protects the battery from damages and guarantees a longer battery life. The big 2900mAh battery capacity keeps the battery going for long.


  • High capacity 2900mAh
  • Complete replacement kit available in the pack
  • Waterproof strips on the cover


Next in our list of best battery replacements for iPhone X, is the Deji High-Capacity battery. Standing strong at 3060 mAh, the battery has an extra 340mAh more power than Original Battery. And more the capacity, longer it runs without charging.

The battery also comes tested under strict quality control standards and is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified. In the pack, comes a complete repairment toolkit starting from adhesives to screwdrivers and step-by-step instructions manual to make the replacement on yourselves. In popular opinion, the battery performs durably good even after months of initial usage. If not, the battery comes protected under a 24 months long jumbo warranty period.


  • Complete replacement kit available with the pack
  • High battery capacity, 3060 mAh (more than original battery)
  • FCC, CE, and RoHS certified
  • 24 months long warranty

How To Replace iPhone X Battery?

Final Verdict

With that, we hope you have your own for the best battery replacement for your iPhone X. If you ask us, we will go for the Deji iPhone X battery replacement.

The battery comes with a high capacity and all standard certifications and packed with a complete replacement kit. You also won’t have to worry about carrying a charger all time with you, given the high capacity 3060 mAh battery that can easily last for an entire day. The battery replacement also comes covered with a 24 months long warranty.

Have another iPhone model? Not a problem, check our iPhone XS battery replacement and iPhone 8 battery reviews.

Now, it’s all up to you. Happy Shopping!

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