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Need A Perfect iPhone XS Battery Replacement – The Best Reviews

Looking for the best iPhone XS Battery Replacement? So, how many of my readers are iPhone lovers? Indeed, the iPhone is known for fabricating one of the best phones one could have. Talking of the iPhone XS, this iPhone device has been a popular choice ever since its announcement in 2018 and continues to be. With all the valued features and reliable performance, the device is a winner. However, just like other premium smartphones, the iPhone XS is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which gradually degrades over regular years of usage.

So, if you have been struggling with your iPhone XS battery, with heating issues or low backup issues, it is probably time to pick a battery replacement for your device. So, let us start with how to choose the best iPhone XS battery replacement.

Buying Guide for Best iPhone XS Battery Replacement

Your iPhone XS is of value to you, and you would never prefer opting for a below-par battery. And for this reason, it becomes important to consider all the factors governing your decision to choose the best iPhone XS battery replacement for yourselves.

Is it safety certified?

Safety First! The replacement battery for your iPhone XS should in no way do any damage to your device. So, ensure the battery replacement comes with all the prior certifications by certification bodies such as the FCC, RoHS, and CE. That shall ensure you a better experience when you use it.

How good is the battery capacity?

Battery capacity is not only important to your device power backup but also in your device performance. So, check beforehand that the battery pack is rated for a battery capacity minimum of what your original iPhone XS battery offered and favorably, on the upper side. It shall bring you great relief over your experience with the old battery. Ideally, a good battery replacement should last at least 500 recharge cycles, no less. Also, the higher the battery capacity, the longer you can go with your iPhone XS device without the need for a recharge.

Is the battery covered under warranty?

A battery warranty is always handy to have. You can never be sure enough of your battery replacements not to show up any manufacturing defects in the end. So, have a thorough check about the warranty terms and conditions before parting with your money. Undoubtedly, a malfunctioning battery could bring more inconvenience than an old one with low backup. And if that happens, warranty coverage shall keep you from paying out of your pocket. Also, a quick action customer care team helps greatly in getting easy technical assistance.

Best iPhone XS Battery Replacements Kit

Our Picks


As a solution to your degrading iPhone XS battery, the HSDZ iPhone XS Battery replacement is one of the finest. This battery replacement stands strong at 2600mAh battery capacity, providing a power backup at par with the original. The HSDZ iPhone XS battery replacement also comes with a complete battery replacement kit that includes all the essentials you would need from start to end during your battery replacement for your convenience.


  • Replacement essentials included in the pack
  • Affordably priced
  • Compatible with models A1920, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2100, iPhone 11.2, iPhone Xs
  • CE certification
  • Battery backup at par with the original battery

2. Cameron Sino

Another amazing deal in iPhone XS battery replacements is the Cameron Sino iPhone XS battery replacement. This iPhone XS battery replacement is engineered with top-grade features, making it a perfect choice. The battery is a high capacity 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring perfect compatibility with your iPhone device. Durably built, this replacement battery for iPhone XS promises at least 500 recharge cycles. You can rely on the grade A+ cell type battery for efficiency and performance. And more, the built-in chip protects your device from overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging.


  • 12-month long warranty
  • Durable build
  • Certificated with FCC, CE,CB,ISO9001,and RoHS
  • Competitively priced
  • Safeguarded against charging related issues

How to replace your iPhone XS Battery?

Step 1: Removing the Speaker Assembly

The first step in the iPhone XS battery replacement would be to remove the Taptic Engine and the speaker assembly. Any failure in this first step would make it extremely difficult to remove the adhesive in later steps. You can refer to your iPhone XS battery replacement guide to better help you in doing so. Remove all the screws off these parts to get started.

Step 2: Removing the Adhesive

Next, with the display removed and battery uncovered, pull out the exposed adhesive stuck to the bottom of the battery with a pair of tweezers. Finally, pull off all the sticky adhesive away from the other two tabs until it is clean enough. Repeat the process for the other tabs and the adhesive on top of the battery.

Step 3: Cleaning the Surface

Carefully remove the battery connector from the logic board, and lift the battery bottom using a black stick. There’s a warning here, straight from Apple, that if the battery does not move, you should stop the replacement to avoid any risks. Clean the inside areas of the phone with Isopropyl Alcohol wipes available in the replacement kit. Also, DO NOT touch the middle padding of the device.

Step 4: Adding the New Battery

It’s finally time to add in your new battery replacement. But before that, check for any loose screws. Be careful in doing so to avoid puncturing the battery. If your new iPhone XS battery replacement contains any colored cover, remove it. Place the battery replacement in the right place, then connect it to the power board.

Unlike the suggestion by Apple, you don’t need a roller in this step. You can use a flat surface to press down gently on the replacement battery to secure it tightly into the iPhone XS body. While pressing down, remove any sticky adhesives from the tabs underneath. Lastly, place the battery cover and put back the screws.

Final Thoughts

It is quite common that we all think of buying a new phone just to overcome the fact that our battery doesn’t hold up for more than an hour. But, there are alternatives, better ones. You can choose from multiple suitable battery replacements for your iPhone XS to get it working like good old times. Finally, we hope our review helped you get a good battery replacement for your iPhone XS!

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