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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 7, 2021

JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement – Top Three Battery Reviews 2022

JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement - photo by pocket-lint

Are you looking for a battery replacement for your JBL Xtreme speaker that can replace the dead battery and bring back your speaker's life? You have also visited the right place because you will find the perfect battery replacement for JBL Xtreme.

However, battery degradation is an inevitable part that every speaker has to go through in their lifespan. If you want to extend your battery's life, then using a compatible battery replacement jbl xtreme to bring back your life speaker. When you are experiencing low battery life, the battery won't hold charges, or the speaker does not turn on, this means it's time for you to replace the battery with a compatible replacement battery.

However, the lithium-ion battery is required to be handled carefully and properly disposed of because each battery is covered with different layers of protection to prevent it from getting overcharged or short circuit. Several companies are manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for electronic devices, and the lifespan of these batteries may vary from 1-3 years depending upon the chemical and quality material used to protect the battery from leakages. Every GSP0931134 battery will contain voltage equivalent to 7.4 volts in complete charge.

Moreover, these batteries are mostly using in JBL Xtreme speaker, JBL speaker, and several other models like JBL extreme. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose a perfect battery replacement for the jbl speaker to get your speaker back to work. Without further ado, let us focus on the reviews of the top three battery replacement for JBL Xtreme.

  1. Vintrons GSP0931134 Battery Replacement 

VINTRONS GSP0931134 Battery for JBL Xtreme, JBLXTREME, JBL GSP0931134, (7.4V, 5000mAh, JBL Xtreme...
  • VINTRONS GSP0931134, JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement Compatible For JBL Xtreme, JBLXTREME,...
  • Replace For JBL Xtreme Speaker Battery Part Number: GSP0931134;
  • Voltage:7.4V; Capacity: 5000mAh,
  • Type: Li-Polymer,

Vintrons is among the top leading companies that are providing high-quality electronics, batteries, and accessories. Thus, they have built their foundation in 2008, and if you are looking for the jbl extreme replacement battery, it would be the best option for you.


  • The battery is made up of high-quality lithium polymer.
  • It provides a voltage of up to 7.4 volts.
  • The conditions of the battery will be freshly manufactured, brand new, or unused.
  • It has a battery backup of 5000mah.
  • The dimensions of the battery are 146.60 * 33.00 * 17.90 mm.
  • The battery weighs only 85 grams.
  • The battery is compatible with the GSP0931134 model and JBL extreme speakers.
  • The battery is certified for stable performance and safety.
  • The battery is rechargeable and takes only 3 hours to charge completely.


  • The high-quality lithium battery provides you with robust performance.
  • The battery can be charged quickly and reduce battery consumption for lasting performance.
  • It offers three times more power than the factory battery.
  • The company offers customer support after the sale in case you have any problem regarding the battery.
  • It is packed using quality packaging to prevent the chances of leakages or any mishap.
  • GSP0931134 battery replacement by vintrons provides you with high energy and uninterrupted voltage supply.


  • The battery is quite pricy, but it will worth the price.
  1. Cameron Sino GSP0931134 Battery Replacement 

High Capacity 5000mAh Li-Polymer Replacement Battery for JBL Xtreme, JBLXTREME, fits JBL GSP0931134
  • replacement battery for JBL xtreme, JBLXTREME
  • fits part number JBL GSP0931134.
  • 5000mAh

Cameron Sino technology has been manufacturing superior quality batteries since 2000 in hong kong. Moreover, they provide high-quality batteries to enhance the performance of the devices, and the best about this company is that they are providing batteries at reasonable rates. Without further ado, let us discuss the features of the jbl replacement battery.


  • The company has used superior quality lithium polymer battery.
  • It will provide you with 7.4 voltages.
  • The battery weighs only 176 grams only.
  • It is compatible with JBL extreme, jbl, and other speaker.
  • The dimension of the battery is 146.60 * 33.00 * 17.90 mm.
  • All products of this company are certified with Rohs, CE, and ISO9001.
  • The battery condition will be 100% brand new and freshly manufactured.
  • It has a battery capacity of 5000mah.
  • The company offers a one-year replacement warranty.
  • The battery can completely charge within 2.5 hours.


  • You can replace the batteries of JBL XTREME with Cameron Sino.
  • It offers long-lasting performance as compared to other batteries.
  • It is backed up by one year of replacement warranty.
  • It is adequately packed to avoid the chances of getting leakage.
  • It is best for battery replacement jbl xtreme 
  • It will offer stable and robust battery power.
  • It will enhance the performance of your jbl speakers


  • Sometimes it may happen that after replacement, you may not be able to increase the volume of the speaker, but it can be fixed later.
  1. SLCB GSP0931134 Battery Replacement

5000mAh Replacement for JBL JBLXTREME, Xtreme Battery, P/N GSP0931134
  • Deliver from California warehouse within 2 working days.
  • 7.4V 1050mAh Li-Polymer, 55.40 x 29.30 x 12.96mm
  • Tested with strict quality control standard, Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS.
  • Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection...

SLC batteries are among the top leading companies that are selling high-quality batteries at affordable rates. They make sure that each battery delivered to the customer is manufactured freshly and unused batteries. Moreover, each battery is equipped with several protection layers to prevent over-discharge, overcharge, short circuit, and overvoltage situations to offer longer battery life.


  • The battery is made from high-quality lithium-polymer to provide better performance.
  • The battery has a voltage of 7.4 volts.
  • The dimension of the battery is 55.40 * 29.30 * 12.96 mm.
  • It has a battery capacity of 1050mah.
  • The battery is covered with a protected layer to prevent chances of leakages.
  • They offer two years warranty for the battery.
  • The battery is tested strictly to maintain the quality standard, and it is certified by RoHS, CE, FCC.
  • Grade A cells are used to ensure fast charging and lower consumption of power.
  • It has built-in circuit protection to make sure stability and safety.
  • The battery can be charged quickly with the power adaptor of jbl Xtreme.


  • They offer live customer support service to their customers in case you have received a defaulted battery.
  • The battery cells provide robust performance and last longer.
  • Each battery is certified for safety and stability.
  • It is backed up with a two year warranty period.
  • The prices are fixed reasonable for the battery.
  • Extra layers of protection prevent it from short circuit, overcharge, and leakage.


  • Sometimes, after replacement, you might not be able to boost your speaker's volume, but it can be fixed easily.

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