Kindle 3 Replacement Battery – Buyers’ Guide And Battery Replacement

Kindle devices can last for several years as long as you keep the screen safe, but the degradation of battery is an inevitable process, and it is going to wear out eventually. Moreover, you will experience that your kindle’s battery cannot hold a charge anymore or does not last longer than before at some point in its life span.

However, most people depose or get rid of their kindle device when its battery dies. Though, it is an excellent excuse for buying a new one that has better battery backup with new software and hardware. But not all people have the budget to buy new kindle devices, and some people feel about choosing the option of replacing the battery instead of purchasing a new model.

Therefore, replacing the battery of your kindle 3 would be the best option for you because it will save a lot of dollars, and you can keep hold of your beloved kindle device as long as possible. Moreover, the best part about the Kindle 3 replacement battery is that it is cheap, and you can replace it from the comfort of your home by following some simple steps.

When it comes to replacing the battery, you will need to be sure about the serial number of the replacement battery and access to the necessary tools to dismantle the kindle devices in order to replace the battery with the new one. Without further ado, let us check the reviews of the replacement battery of kindle 3.


Xsplendor Kindle 3 Replacement Battery 

Xsplendor has been manufacturing and shipping batteries for the past few years. They aim to provide their customer with high-quality batteries that will last longer and safer to use. Moreover, the best part about their battery is that these are manufactured using premium quality material and chemical, which enable them to hold the charge for a longer period. So, let us look at the kindle 3 replacement battery provided by xsplendor.


  • The battery will hold the charge equivalent to 3.7 volts after a complete charge.
  • The battery weighs only 53 grams.
  • The dimension of the battery is 3.78 x 2.64 x 0.16 inches.
  • You can use this replacement battery with part number – a 170-1032-01, 170-1032-00, s11gtsf01, gp-s10-346392-0100; fit model: a k iii, k 3, k 3 wi-fi, k graphite, k 3g.
  • The battery is manufactured using premium quality material, which means it will hold a more extended period.
  • The company has used lithium polymer batteries to provide robust performance.
  • The battery has a capacity of 1900mah and can be charged in 2 hours with the original kindle charger.
  • It is certified for safety by iso-9001, RoHS, and ce, which means you can safely use the battery.
  • The company provides one year of warranty.
  • The lithium-ion battery is covered with multiple protection layers to prevent any leakages.


  • The battery will provide robust performance and hold the charge for a longer duration.
  • The official safety authorities have certified the use of this battery is safe.
  • The battery is backed up by one year of the warranty period.
  • It is protected from over-charge and over-discharge situations.
  • The company has used quality chemicals while manufacturing the battery.


  • You might have to reboot your kindle device in case your device does not start or the battery does not work correctly.



Process Of Replacing The Battery Of Kindle 3

The process of replacing the kindle battery is quite simple, but you have to make sure that you buy the perfect replacement model for your kindle 3 device. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to dismantle and replace the battery.

But before you move forward, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools like an opening tool and screwdriver in order to replace the dead battery without damaging the hardware system. Let us focus on the step to follow.

  • The first and foremost thing you have to do is open the back panel of the kindle device using an opening tool or pry tool. However, make sure that you do not open the back panel directly from the side button because it can damage the buttons.
  • If you are facing any trouble in getting enough gap between using the opening tool, you should run the pry tool up and down on the flat edge until it slips into a gap.
  • Remember that you should not let your opening tool drive inside too far because it can damage the orange flex cables situated near the edge of the device.
  • Once you can remove the back panel of the device, you will notice two silver screws used in connecting the battery with the device.
  • You will need to unscrew those two 4mm silver screws with the help of a screwdriver.
  • After that, you will need to lift the battery from the connectors’ end and easily remove it to avoid further damage. However, remember that while removing the battery, two silver washers placed underneath the connector may come loose, so make sure that you do not lose them.
  • Now you can use the kindle 3 replacement battery that you have bought and placed it in the device like the old one. It means you will have to slide the bottom edge first while making sure those washers and tabs are in place before attaching the battery with the connector.
  • Finally, you will have to screw down the screws to connect the replacement battery, and make sure you slide the bottom of the black panel into the first place once you press up the sides until all clips get back into place.
  • Once the battery’s replacement is completed, you can now switch on your kindle 3, and it will work like a new one. Moreover, using best practices for charging the battery will make it last longer than other batteries. It would be great for you to replace the battery instead of buying a new kindle 3.

Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the kindle 3 replacement battery and the process of replacing the battery, then read the details of this guide.

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