The Surprisingly Powerful LG G3 Extended Battery Case – Reviews [2022]

There are several reasons why an individual might opt to purchase an LG G3 Extended Battery Case. Perhaps you want the protection that comes with owning a tough accessory or just to extend your device’s battery life. Whatever the reason, you might want to go through the buying guide first to get the best lg g3 extended battery case. With a list of best rated and reviewed extended battery cases for the LG G3, you can make your decision as easy as possible. 

Various brands provide great cases for your device with an extended power supply. This makes it difficult to pick the best option for extended battery support for your device. It is important to know what features to look for and the reasonable price to pay for them as it will guide your search and lead you to the best pick of the bunch for you.

The LG G3 extended case is the first recommendation for battery cases because of its durability, price, and overall quality. It is one of the few cases designed to absorb shock and comes in a variety of colours. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a strong and fully functioning case that isn’t black. In addition, it provides proper security to your phone and additional power backup to your device.

LG G3 Extended Battery Case Buying guide


Your extended battery case’s present and future experience depend upon the warranty offered by the brand you commit. So first, choose a brand that offers a good warranty. Usually, the extended battery case with a better warranty has an assurance of being made out of high-quality materials and is designed to last for a longer period.


The safety of your extended battery case will determine its life span. Ensure that the extended battery case you buy is of great quality and good for use. The battery case should be designed to prevent accidents. It should have a tight fit for the phone and should not accidentally open while carrying or moving your phone.

The safest one is a hard case model when choosing an extended battery case since it will keep the device in place. In addition, the latest models of the extended battery cases now come with high-quality wheels, handlebars, etc., to help you easily move and store your phone.


Batteries made of lithium are usually lighter and safer than those made of other metals. Lightweight batteries are usually rechargeable, but this may not be true in every case. Heavy-duty batteries can also be recharged, but they are very large in size and weight more than compact ones do.

Battery Life

The only function of your extended battery case is to provide additional battery support. Therefore your case must come with extra battery life so that you do not run out of power. An interrupted experience is guaranteed by long battery life. If you are looking for a brand new battery replacement, you should check our article about LG G3 Battery replacement.


Check whether the extended battery case you are going to choose is compatible with your device and the other accessories for it. The case should provide better performance despite your multi-purpose device and the accessories that go with it.

What to Look For?

Price Range

There are various types of extended battery cases available in the market today. They may vary concerning price. Do not rush into buying a low-quality battery case for a cheap price. If a genuine brand with a trusted name offers a product at a slightly higher price, it is worth giving a shot. A little more money for extra quality is always a good deal. Think twice before committing to a low price product as they are often scrapping base products.


Three brands produce the best lg g3 extended battery case. They are Otterbox, Incipio and LG. Although each brand will design a case that can effectively and safely store your phone, some may be too big to fit easily into pockets or handbags. Nevertheless, the case should be a perfect fit and portable; otherwise, you will have problems carrying it along during travels or workdays at the office.


The material used to make the case should be durable and withstand a lot of pressure when being handled. The extended battery should withstand a lot of weight without bulging out or breaking down in any way.

There are various types for you to consider if you want to keep your screen protected and access several colour options for your extended battery case. This LG G3 extended battery case offers the level of protection that most users are looking for in such cases so long as the screen protector is effective.


The size and thickness of your mobile device must be checked before deciding on the type of extended battery case you will buy. The battery extended case you choose should fit your mobile device perfectly and add less bulk to it. The size details can be checked in the product specification section. Also, check whether the product you are committing has your device’s name in the supported with section.

Frequently Asked Question

The output of your battery case depends on the power capacity of your case. A normal battery case is known to provide battery support of 22 hours.

There is no such evidence that battery cases ruin the original battery. But if you start using only your battery case, your original battery might weaken.

A completely drained battery case takes about three to four hours to fully charge and become ready to use.

Equip yourself with this above-mentioned vital information before making spontaneous buys of battery cases for your phone. Then, make sure you commit with the best lg g3 extended battery case to get the maximum power source for your device.

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