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The Most Powerful LG G4 Battery Case Guide 2023

Looking for an LG G4 Battery Case? LG, a home electronics company known for high-end quality and pocket-friendly priced smartphones, has a smartphone line-up of G series. LG G4 launched in April 2015 got a huge demand, and now such a budget smartphone is decreasing in the market. Another problem with the same device is a 3000 mAh battery.

It is in terms of battery backup, but after a couple of years of use, you can find a drawback in battery backup. It is better to replace the battery and get yourself an LG g4 battery case, which will double the battery backup. It is also helpful as if you use a higher capacity battery case.

The Best LG G4 Battery Case Buyers Guide

They can provide more than double battery backup, which is good for all the old devices. You can expect more than 16 hours of battery backup, including the smartphone battery and case battery. This will come in handy to you. For the best experience, checking out the top 2 products can help.

Best LG G4 Battery Cases in 2023

LG G4 is a lightweight device, and adding a little weight won’t affect it that much. Below mentioned are top choices based on all the important factors. Have a look:

Our top pick

Speck Products Candyshell Grip Cell Phone Case for LG G4 – White/Black

  • Raised rubber ridges provide a no-slip grip for your LG G4 phone.
  • Military-grade drop protection. Certified to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards.
  • Patented raised bezel screen protection. Bezel rises above screen to guard glass from direct drops onto phone face and prevents screen from scratches when lying flat.
  • Patented design provides two layers of protection. Exterior polycarbonate layer disperses impact while interior custom engineered soft acrylic layer absorbs shock.
  • Precision-engineered slim fit. CandyShell fits the LG G4 phone without adding unnecessary bulk.

URS2GO LG G4 Battery Case

In terms of quality and effective design, the use of the URS2GO LG G4 Battery Case is quite a better choice. It has premium built quality, effective design, and a couple of features that make it one of the great deals to consider. The design is also effective, and you can use it easily. There are color choices available in the same, which can come in handy that’s why it is one of the quality deals to go after.

How to Choose the Right LG G4 Battery Case?

A lookout of five essential factors can help to grab the right deal. Like and Dislike is a subjective part, but you must have a look at these factors –

  • Fitting – Proper fitting of the case or cover on your smartphone to avoid any lose grip or discomfort.
  • Texture – Believe us or not, the texture of the cover should be grippy because the smartphone gets heavy with the extra battery.
  • Capacity – A battery that has a capacity of 5000 mAh is enough, to begin with, eradicate all the issues with ease.
  • Weight – Choosing a lightweight product will keep it as a practical choice. Otherwise, heavy cases or cover are not usable for a long time.
  • Price – Might be the less important or optional factor, but you must compare the price. You can check the price and consider the LG G4 battery case reviews to find out a perfect deal.

After looking at all these factors, you need to check the built quality and replacement policy before ordering the product. If the product you are buying doesn’t have a return policy, then it is a risky purchase.

How to Increase the battery life of Your LG G4 Smartphone?

To increase the battery life of your smartphone, you can follow a couple of important tips. The easy to follow tips are –

  • Do not discharge your smartphone battery below 5% because it can reduce battery life.
  • When charging your smartphone, don’t keep it on the face where it heats up easily. A surface that keeps the back cool is better to consider.
  • Make sure that you don’t use your smartphone when it is heating up extensively. In such a case, put your smartphone aside and try to cool it down.
  • Running lots of apps in the background can cause heavy processing, and CPU starts consuming intense power. It will reduce battery life.
  • Location service keeps on consuming battery life. Constant use can reduce battery life, so you should give a break by shutting down your smartphone a couple of minutes in a week.

After looking at these factors, you can increase battery life by many times. An average rate of battery decomposition in a year is 15 to 20%, but you can reduce it to 5 to 10%.

LG G4 Battery Case FAQs

  1. How much battery backup can I expect with the use of any LG g4 battery cases?

An LG g4 battery case with 3000 mAh of capacity can double the battery backup. Now, you can multiply the rest to know more.

  1. What should I check before buying a battery case for my LG G4?

It is simple to grab the right product if you have a look at compatibility, capacity, weight, price, and LG G4 battery case reviews factor.

  1. Is it worth buying a battery case for my three years old LG G4?

LG G4 comes with a removable battery, and if the battery isn’t offering peak performance or heat up, then replace that first and then go after buying the battery case.


Peak performance of a smartphone is based on the effective power supply, and it can easily get interrupted by heating. If your LG smartphone battery is in perfect condition, but you want a portable choice, then you can buy the LG G4 battery case. This will help you get enough battery backup, which is appropriate to fulfill the need for most of the people. Go through the shared options carefully and make the right choice accordingly.

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