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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 6, 2021

Best LG V30 Battery replacement - Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

LG V30 is an extremely thin and lightweight smartphone with a 6-inch OLED display. Some of the latest hardware has been used to build the phone and it weighs 158 gms only. Its dual camera with wonderful features will let you record videos easily in noisy environments. There are several interesting video editing tools and adjustable filters that will make your capture perfect in real time. The phone offers many more interesting features; but, its average battery life is a big concern for consumers. However, this article will provide you with some easy solutions to solve your worries, so keep reading!

Tips On Conserving LG V30 Battery Life

The LG V30 has a 3,300mAh battery with average battery life and if you compare it with other popular brands like Samsung then its battery life is pretty bad. You can hardly use it for an entire day. Consumers start thinking of LG V30 battery replacement within 12-15 months of high usage of their mobile phone. As the LG V30 battery replacement cost is less, replacing the battery is a feasible option for all. Nevertheless, you should follow the below-mentioned tips on conserving the battery life so that your phone’s battery; irrespective of being inbuilt or replaced works for a longer time.

To view the device’s battery usage from the main home screen, select the Settings icon, choose the General tab, scroll and select Battery and Power Saving, and then click on battery usage. The apps and features that are consuming high battery will be displayed here. You can also view the battery usage of a particular app or feature by selecting the app and checking its battery usage. To conserve battery life, you may delete the unwanted apps or features.

Another method to save battery is by turning on the power-saving mode. You need to swipe down the notification bar and select Battery Saver. You can even access more display options by clicking on the Settings icon, then select the Display tab, and switch on the auto-brightness. This would save your phone battery considerably.

You may even select shorter Screen Timeout, so that your phone screen gets locked quickly; thereby saving battery. There are certain features that consume battery in the background like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Location services. You may consider turning them off when not in use. Also, ensure that you have disabled auto-updating of apps by making changes in the Play Store app.

Best LG v30 Battery Replacement Options

Our Picks - Replacement Battery Choices For LG V30

SWARK Battery BL-T34

Li-Polymer Replacement Battery BL-T34 Compatible with LG V30 H930 H933 H932 LS998 H931 US998 VS996...
  • This battery is compatible with LG V30 H930 H933 H932 LS998 H931 US998 VS996, please...
  • When you replace your old battery, please carefully and gently disconnect your old...
  • If you have any questions or got any issues with our product, please feel free to contact...
  • All the batteries have been tested before shipping out, and come with repairing tools for...

This Li-Polymer battery has a capacity of 3155mAH / 12.1Wh and is compatible with LG V30 models as well as several other smartphones. The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty on their product so that consumers can buy it confidently. However, before you buy the battery, ensure that you match both model and battery part number with your device. This will save you from the hassle of buying a wrong battery.

KML Replacement Battery

The KML Replacement battery is one of the best batteries for LG V30 phones. The battery is certified with FCC, RoHS, CS, CB, and ISO9001, so you can buy with confidence. The company also offers 14 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty on all their batteries. The battery will give a new life to your old LG V30 mobile phone.

How To Change The Battery Of LG V30 Phone?

As soon as the best battery for LG V30 is selected, you can place an order. However, replacing the battery of your LG V30 phone won’t be easy. You may find it difficult to open the back cover of your phone as it is stuck with adhesive. However, you can follow the below-mentioned tips on how to open your LG V30 phone and change its battery.

  • The first step is to switch off the power of your phone. Then, remove SIM card and SD card tray and keep them aside.
  • To remove the back cover of the phone, you need to heat it a bit with a hairdryer or set it on a hot plate for a minute or two. If you are using a hairdryer or heat gun then keep it at least 4 inches away from the phone. The heat will loosen the adhesive and enable you to open the back cover easily.
  • The phone should be hot enough to burn your fingers just a little bit, when you touch it. Once the phone has been heated, use gloves to hold it.
  • Use a suction cup to pull the cover up. Ensure that you stick the suction cup at the bottom of the phone where you charge it up.
  • Make use of a thin tool to open up the cover from all four sides. It will take some time to remove adhesive from all sides. Use a little pressure and remove the cover.
  • The use a small screwdriver and remove ten screws that are holding the back cover. Pull out the loudspeaker and wireless charging pad keep it aside.
  • Disconnect the battery and remove it carefully. Replace it with the new one at the same position. Connect the battery carefully and correctly with the pins.

Voila! You have successfully replaced the LG V30 battery and prolonged your phone’s lifespan. If you also want to change a battery for LG V20 phone you can read our guide here, and lg v10 battery replacement here.

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