LR1130 battery

LR1130 battery: All You Need To Know & More 2023

Alkaline button cell batteries like the LR1130 are commonly used. The LR1130 battery can function between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius, but it works best between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. All-purpose, high-capacity, highest-energy-density, and dependable sum up the qualities that these alkaline batteries represent. They contribute to dependable operation, peak efficiency, and a lengthy lifespan.

The LR1130 battery has numerous applications, including watches, electronic games, remote controls, and calculators. Read on to find out more about the LR1130 battery.

What is the LR1130 battery equivalent?

LR1130 battery

Batteries with the same dimensions and capacity as the LR1130 battery go by several different names depending on the manufacturer.

Substitutes for LR1130 include 1130, AG10, 189, LR54, and LR55. Just call them “LR1130 batteries” instead because that’s all that separates them from being identical to those.

Similarly, some batteries share the LR1130’s dimensions but are not direct replacements because they use different chemistry and have different performance characteristics. Some possibilities include batteries like the 389, SR1130, SR1130SW, and 390 that use silver oxide. These batteries are the same size as LR1130 batteries, but their silver oxide chemistry provides a much longer runtime in low-drain applications like watches. These batteries are not guaranteed to function in all devices that normally require an LR1130 battery.

If you want to know what kind of battery your device needs, it’s best to look in the manual.

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LR1130 battery is non-rechargeable

The LR1130 uses the alkaline chemistry of a primary cell that cannot be recharged. The zinc and manganese dioxide at the cell’s electrodes are responsible for its operation (MnO2). Potassium hydroxide, a metal salt, acts as an electrolyte.

Where does that leave us with the fact that it can’t be charged? The chemistry of the reaction is what ultimately matters. Chemical reactions inside the battery’s recharging cell must be fully reversible.

Thus, the end product of the reaction must be decomposed back into the starting materials. If A+B = C, then in the reversal reaction, C must be oxidized to produce A and B. Contrarily, you can recharge lithium ion batteries like 36v lithium battery or Kobalt 40v battery. However, 36v lithium battery and Kobalt 40v battery are used for bigger electric tools.

However, the alkaline battery type we are discussing here can only be recharged up to 40% of its capacity because the zinc/manganese dioxide reaction that produces the cell’s chemical energy cannot be reversed after 40% discharge.

The remaining 60% of the procedure is much more challenging and cannot be undone. This is because the produced hydrogen ions (H+) will react with the Manganese oxide (MnO2) to form groutite, a chemical that cannot be undone (MnOOH).

Groutite cannot be decomposed into MnO2 once the Hydrogen ions are gone, so the alkaline battery cannot be recharged in any way.

There is a danger that the cells will explode if you attempt to recharge it because of the buildup of gas inside the seal.

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The stability of the LR1130 battery

The LR1130 battery discharges at a constant rate and has a large cutoff range, all within its nominal voltage of 1.5 volts.

The constant voltage is between 1.1 and 1.3 volts under load in a closed circuit. The voltage required to turn something off is somewhere in the range of 0.8 V to 0.9 V. The batteries are also 70mAh, which means they can supply power at a rate of 70 milliampere-hours for an entire hour.

That charge will keep your tiny electronics going for days. Since the typical energy capacity of such small devices is only 1–5 mA, a battery with 70 mA will typically last quite a while.

The battery’s actual life expectancy will depend on factors such as the operating temperature and the total amount of time each device is actively using power. Keep in mind that the operating temperature range of LR1130 alkaline button batteries is between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius. However, 21–22 degrees Celsius is optimal for maximizing longevity.

Long lifespan of LR1130 battery

An inert electrolyte, potassium hydroxide, plays no role in this procedure. LR1130 battery can maintain its original level of power for much longer.

In addition, these alkaline button LR1130 have a low rate of self-discharge. Under ideal conditions, they have a shelf life of three years. After that time, they will maintain the same level of power production whenever they are used.

Remember that the recommended storage range for these batteries is between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. Above 30 degrees Celsius, the chemical reactions will be disrupted, and the casing will be destroyed, leading to leaks.

How to install the LR1130 battery?

Identify the battery’s positive and negative terminals as a starting point. The flat side of an Alkaline LR1130 battery (which may or may not have markings) is the positive terminal. You should be able to see a tiny circular projection sticking out from the other side.

A negative conclusion is often reached at the side. Now that you know where the battery’s positive and negative ends are, you can place them in their proper slots. Some electronic gadgets have tiny metal prongs that are necessary for battery life and operation. It’s crucial that you leave these tabs undisturbed and undamaged to ensure optimal device performance. If you accidentally knock this tab out of alignment, you can usually fix it by gently nudging it back into place.

Small and Portable

The LR1130 alkaline button batteries are so named because their compact disc shape is reminiscent of tiny buttons. They have dimensions of 11.6 mm by 3.1 mm and a mass of roughly 1 gram.

Due to their lightweight and compact design, they can be used in various portable devices.

Because of how light they are, using several of them in series in a single device has no discernible impact on that device’s overall mass. They are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for trips and camping trips.


The LR1130 battery is widely used and widely available. This means that these batteries are produced by a wide range of companies and sold by a wide range of retailers. Not all LR1130 batteries are the same, and not all stores sell their products with the same level of care for quality.

You should only buy batteries from a reputable store with the most trusted brands to avoid getting low-quality or fake batteries. Moreover, we have also covered battery organizers. Make sure to read our guide before buying the battery organizers.

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