Nokia 5 Battery Replacement

Terrific Nokia 5 Battery Replacement – The Best Buyers Guide 2023

The Nokia 5 Battery Replacement can degrade with daily use. Moreover, the more you use your cell phone, the more chances your phone battery begins to lose its charge holding ability after some time. However, you will start to experience that your phone battery does not offer better battery backup and power drains quickly after a complete charge.

It means the battery has lost the ability to hold the charge and quickly consumes the battery. Therefore, it is vital for you to replace your dead phone battery with a new nokia 5 battery replacement and make it work as an original one. It is a fact that people from all over the globe who possess Nokia 5 smartphones face battery-related problems for several reasons.

Best Nokia 5 Battery Replacement Guide On Amazon

However, if the battery of your Nokia 5 is swollen, then it would be great for you to take appropriate precautions, and you will need to be careful while replacing the battery because replacing the Nokia 5 battery is quite challenging. Therefore, it would be better for you to have proper tools and equipment before beginning to disassemble your phone in order to remove the defaulted battery with a new replacement.

In Nokia 5, the battery is placed at the center of the phone; thus, you should avoid heating the center part of the phone to prevent further damage to the battery while removing the screen. Without further ado, let us discuss the details about the replacement battery.

Nokia 5 Battery Replacement

Our pick – Cameron Sino Replacement Battery For Nokia 5

Cameron Sino technology is among the top leading companies in hong kong manufacturing high-quality power products for electronic devices. Since 2000, the company has been manufacturing and selling batteries to fulfill the customers’ needs over the globe.

The best part about this is that they are shipping their product over the globe quickly. Though, make sure you choose the right model for your phone battery before purchasing. Without further ado, let us discuss the nokia 5 battery replacement feature offered by Cameron Sino.

Feature of the Nokia 5 Battery Replacement

  • The lithium-ion polymer battery is used to ensure better performance.
  • The battery has a capacity of 2900mah, and it may take 3 hours to charge it fully.
  • Once fully charged battery will supply voltage equivalent to 3.85 volts.
  • The battery dimension is 69.96 * 57.50 * 4.00 mm.
  • It weighs only 70 grams.
  • The battery is certified by CE, fcc, CB, RoHS, and iso9001 for safety and toxic-free.
  • The company offers 12 months warranty for their product.
  • The battery is compatible with Nokia 5 only.

Pros of the Nokia 5 Battery Replacement

  • The company is offering 14 days money-back back policy, that means you can purchase it with confidence.
  • It is certified for safety and durable by RoHS, fcc, ce, iso9001, and CB.
  • It provides an endless power supply as compared to the factory version of the battery.
  • The battery is packed using different layers of protection to prevent chances of leakages.
  • It provides stable and steady lithium batteries to ensure faster charging.


  • You need to be careful with the chip connector present on the battery because it can easily be detached if not taken correctly.

Another Great Choice For A Nokia 5 Battery

Replacement Battery HE321 Battery for Nokia 5 TA-1027,TA-1044,TA-1053 Dual Sim with Adhesive Tape Tool Repair Kit

About this item

  • 【Shipped From USA】Shipped from California, USA. High Quality and tested before shipping out.
  • 【Tools Provide】Include 1 set of Tools kits as photos show, but you may also need other tools in order to be able to fix the device.
  • 【High Quality Battery】Professional manufacturers. Many years of production experience. Tested under strict quality control standards with professional machines for 3 times before shipping. Over-Charging, Over-Discharging, Over-Heating and Short-Circuiting Protection. Works as good as your original battery. Speed up your phone.
  • 【Easy To Install】Instruction/Manual NOT included, but there are many installation tutorials videos on YouTube to reference. Easy to replace,most people should be able to do it. Replace your old battery perfectly.
  • 【Good After-sales Service】Please contact us when you have any questions, whether pre-sales or after-sales. WUHAO products have a very good after-sales service, please choose us with confidence.

How To Replace The Nokia 5 Battery

The first and foremost thing to do is to complete the essential tools needed to dismantle the cell phone to replace the dead battery. You will need a screwdriver for the cell phone(#000, #00), one jimmy, one pick, spudger, heat gun, tweezers, sim card eject tool, and replacement battery.

  • Now, you can begin dismantling the phone by first turning off your Nokia 5 and remove the MicroSD card and sim card tray; after that, use a packing tape over the display until the entire screen is covered (in case you have a cracked display glass then you need to take several precautions like taping over the screen to prevent further damage).
  • Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive by heating each edge of the phone for at least 5 minutes. It will help in easing up the adhesive bond between the screen and the body. Thus, you can use the heat gun by plugging it into an electric outlet. However, the heat gun will start blowing hot air automatically after plugging in an outlet.
  • With jimmy’s help, lift the glass after softening the adhesive and place a pick between the glass and the frame to prevent it from getting re-adhere. Thus, make sure that you do not want the touch the edges of the LCD underneath the screen with a solid metal tool or card because the screen structure and the ribbon cable are fragile and need to be carefully dislodged from the frame.
  • Now, lift the screen of the phone, and you will see a screen ribbon connector underneath a metal bracket. Therefore, use a screwdriver to remove the screw, and after that, remove the metal bracket with the help of a tweezer. After that, use a spudger to remove the screen ribbon connector altogether and free the screen assembly. Ensure that you do the whole with proper stability because fragile ribbons can break easily and cause further damage to your phone.
  • Once the screen is removed, you need to disconnect the battery ribbon connector with the use of a spudger. You will also see a metal bracket in the phone and use a suitable screwdriver to remove the screw; after that, use the tweezers to remove the metal bracket and detach the ribbon connector remove the home button.
  • Moving further, now remove all screws attached to the phone to remove the middle frame and lift the midframe with the help of the spudger carefully to remove it from the cell phone.
  • After removing the midframe, you will find the dead battery attached to the metal frame. You need to be careful while removing the exposed battery because there will be two adhesive tabs holding the battery. You can detach it by using a tweezer then by your fingers.
  • Finally, your Nokia dead battery is removed, and now you need to use nokia 5 battery replacement in place of a dead battery. However, to re-assemble your device follow all the steps in reverse order.

The information mentioned above is regarding the review of the Nokia battery replacement and replacing the battery.

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