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Is It Worth Changing the Old Smartphone Battery to A New One? 2023

Although some older devices can maintain their integrity, majority of them are actually running far below the performance rate compared to when the phone was first purchased. This does insinuate that owning a newer phone, if you can afford it, is the ultimate option.

I personally own the Z Fold 4 and the battery life is outstanding. Due to the phone’s ability to open up like a book and turn into a tablet is mind boggling. On top of this feature, you can also do countless other things that you cannot do on a typical phone. I only realized this after I went back to using a regular phone, how much the Z Fold 4 has to offer.

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Here are a couple things that the Z Fold 4 has to offer:

  • FLEX MODE: Free up your hands with Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Fold4; This smartphone stands on its own so you can take notes during a conference call or follow along with instructional videos in real time
  • HANDS FREE VIDEO: Don’t stay stuck to your cellphone; Set up your phone in Flex Mode and check off your to-dos while catching up with friends; Hands-free video chat lets you multitask and move freely while staying in frame
  • MULTI-VIEW WINDOW: Easily attend a virtual work meeting and capture important notes at the same time, or catch up on your favorite shows as you answer texts; With multiple windows, doing different tasks is easy with Galaxy Z Fold4
  • S PEN READY: Transform your Galaxy Z Fold4 into a multifunctional device with S Pen;* It gives you that pen-on-paper feeling and makes it easy to take notes while attending virtual meetings, drag and drop** content, and get more done
  • YOUR APPS, YOUR WAY: App display optimization allows you to customize how you see apps on the edge-to-edge screen of Galaxy Z Fold4; Also, use multiple apps to their full potential by dragging and dropping** content from one window to the other
  • YOUR PHONE & WATCH WORK AS ONE: Unfold the possibilities of your Galaxy Z Fold4 connected to your Galaxy Watch; Use your Watch to snap hands-free selfies with Flex Mode; Plus, keep track of your day by easily switching between your Galaxy Watch and phone
  • BIG SCREEN, BIG SOUND: Need to head out while you’re in the middle of your favorite podcast? Slide Galaxy Z Fold4 into your pocket and keep listening with your Galaxy Buds; Unfold connectivity with your smart phone and Buds working together

All in all, I would highly recommend the Z Fold 4 if you can. It is the future of technology and if you are into that sort of thing, this is definitely the phone for you. It is also customizable both as a phone & as a tablet, therefore, when you design your home screen & layout on the phone screen, you can then open the phone up to tablet mode and have a completely different homepage with limitless types of moving widgets & themes.

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After using a smartphone for a couple of years, finding a change in battery performance is one of the common things that you can expect. There are thousands of people who use their smartphone for more than two years, and the issue of lower battery life starts after one complete year. The common thought in everyone’s mind after having such an issue is about changing the battery.

But, this thought comes with a question that Is it worth changing the old smartphone battery to a new one? Well, the answer totally depends, and you have to check out the below-mentioned factors to learn. In case your smartphone is in good condition and giving a great performance, then you should change the battery.

For those who are confused, considering the below-mentioned factors will let you ease up and grab the best in various manners. Let’s have a look –

  1. For Three-year-old Smartphone

In case your smartphone is three years old or more than that, you should not consider replacing the battery. Such smartphones are not good to replace batteries. Even if you replace the battery, you are not able to expect peak performance. Even finding a genuine replacement for such a model is quite a typical thing. That’s why you should stay selective in these criteria.

  1. Phone Condition

Smartphones that are broken or repaired several times aren’t good to consider. If your device is changed with the screen and other parts in the past, you are not going to avail the best in any manner. You should know the phone value in such cases. If your device can be sold for a good price point, then you should replace the battery. Otherwise, paying a single buck on the replacement is a wastage of money.

  1. Flagship Model

If you are using any of the flagship devices which came between the last three-five years of the period such as Nexus 6 and LG V30 and so on, you can consider the replacement of the battery. Flagship devices come with high-speed processors, and they are good to use for years. That’s why you can get peak performance again with a new battery. Even you will love to have a new battery life. In case you are facing issues after changing the battery, then your device has some issues with power management.

  1. For Apple Device Users

Apple devices are pretty bad with battery life except for iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and Pro model. So, if your device is not offering the peak performance which you can check in settings. Then, you should consider changing the battery or getting a battery case. Genuine replacement is effective and reliable. Apple devices come with a great software update for five years, and the sturdy build quality ensures going for the next one more year with the same device without having a single issue.

  1. For Broken Phones

If your phone screen is broken and it requires the replacement along with a new battery, then you should calculate how much you have to spend. If you can buy a new device for a couple more bucks adding into the same, then you will grab better advantages and deal. You can sell the broken phone for a good price because the buyer company will extract the working and sell it later for other devices. By this method, you can save money and get a new device.

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Few Bonus Tips

To get the best out of your smartphone’s battery life, you should follow the below-mentioned tips –

  • Don’t use your phone while charging because it causes heating, which is extremely bad for your device.
  • Don’t use the battery to end; put on charging when goes down below 10%, but don’t let it reach 0%.
  • If your device heat during a game or certain app, you should try to avoid using it on the heat for long.
  • Replace the battery if your smartphone is not holding it for much or battery is heating excessively while charging only.
  • Use only trusted batteries, you can find reviews for many models in our own website.
  • You can most of the time recondition your old batteries without buying a new one.

These are some of the effective tips which can come in handy to boost battery life and avoiding sudden drain.

Bottom Line

Changing the battery is good for your smartphone because it doesn’t heat your device too much, and you can expect better performance. These factors will help you get rid of all the issues.

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