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Ryobi battery: What are its different types? Best Guide 2023

Looking to replace a Ryobi Battery? batteries to equip with a Ryobi power tool should have been the main focus of every owner. However, Ryobi is the first manufacturer who integrated its battery system in its power tool products. The main idea of integration was to make sure the all the Ryobi batteries are compatible with the Ryobi power tools.

Moreover, the professional and DIYers people will soon realize the need for having extra Pairs of battery that are needed to power up the Ryobi tools. Because using one battery for multiple tools or waiting till it is fully charged up may take a lot your job time. Here, you will find in-depth reviews of top Ryobi batteries that will work great with almost every kind of Ryobi tool. Our list is up to date, updated February 8, 2023.

The Ryobi Batteries On Amazon

Ryobi 18v Battery

The 18v batteries manufactured by the Ryobi are much more useful and comes in different models offering various levels of running time. Though, the larger ah battery will be the more it will give fuel to your power tool and make it work more efficiently. The best parts of these batteries are that they do not fade their performance and provide greater power supply to your tools.

You may also find that the battery is available in the individual pack as well as in kits that may contain 1-4 batteries or in kits you may find a cardless tool, a charger and a battery. However, there are three different types of batteries available in the market, such as NiCad batteries, lithium batteries, and hp batteries. Each battery types if designed according to different functions and requirements. Though, there are plenty of Ryobi 18v batteries such as P100, p102, p107, P189, p190, p105, p191, p108, p192, p193, and p194. So, let us focus on the detail of Ryobi p108.


  • The battery is manufactured by using higher quality lithium.
  • The 18v lithium battery offers higher performance and has the capacity of 4000mAh.
  • It is certified for safety by RoHS, CE, and fcc.
  • The battery is compatible with most of the devices of Ryobi one+ products.
  • You can replace it with other batteries of the same size that is P100, p102, p107, P189, p190, p105, p191, and p108.
  • The led indicator help you know about the remaining battery life so that you can use the battery power more wisely.
  • The lithium battery allows you to top up the charges without affecting the life of the battery.
  • It is backed up by warranty, and if you face any problem, you can quickly get your battery replaced.

Pros of the Ryobi Battery

  • It has a massive power load and gives you an extra running time that is it has 4000mAh
  • It weighs only 800 grams and comes in a pack of two batteries.
  • It offers stable and sturdy performance to maintain consistent power.
  • The battery may take an hour to get fully charged up.
  • The design of battery ensure that it is leak-proof, so you do not have to charge it continuously.
  • It has an onboard fuel gauge that allows you to know about the level of battery life left in it.
  • It is compatible with almost every type of Ryobi one+ family products.

Cons of the Ryobi Battery

  • Sometime it may not work properly on various devices of Ryobi, and the company is trying to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Ryobi 40v battery

If you have a big yard or need an extra run time, then Ryobi 40v battery is the perfect addition to the collection of Ryobi 40v tools. The 7.5 Ah battery will provide four times extra runtime than 2.0 Ah compact batteries while delivering the same performance and fade-free power. Moreover, these are compatible with all 40 Ryobi tools and come along with onboard fuel gauge to show the remaining runtime left.


  • It offers 4x more running time as compared to 2.0 Ah Ryobi 40v compact batteries.
  • It provides fade-free lithium-ion power to continues work at full efficiency.
  • It comes with an onboard fuel gauge that shows the remaining running time.
  • It charges completely in 75 minutes or less with the use of Ryobi 40v rapid charger.


  • Over 15 Ryobi 40v tools are compatible with the battery.
  • The LED offer information about how much charge is left in the battery
  • These batteries can easily work in extremely cold weather.
  • The battery weight only 90 grams
  • It works with full capacity until all the charges are run out.


  • The prices are a bit high, but it makes sure that your money worth every penny.

Ryobi One Plus Battery

The Ryobi one plus battery is compatible with every Ryobi 18V chargers and tools. Thus, it will provide you with 4X extended running time as compared to other 18 V batteries. Moreover, the lightweight of the battery allows you to take it along with you anywhere you go. Though, it makes sure that it provides you with a full capacity of chargers without fading out the performance. Moreover, the battery will be charged within an hour with a quick charger. The Ryobi one plus system is compatible with plenty of Ryobi tools.


  • It provides four times more running time than another small model of 18v batteries
  • The battery can be charged within an hour with the use of the quick charger
  • The lithium battery will provide you with full strength performance and fade-free power
  • The one PLUS technology is compatible with power tool offered by the Ryobi one plus system
  • It offers onboard fuel gauge to inform you about the remaining runtime left


  • The battery weighs only 600 grams
  • You use this with Ryobi power tools like cordless routers, reciprocating saws, circular saws, blowers and more tools
  • It offers great strength and performance until all the charges run out


  • It may be a bit expensive but much better with 2.5 Ah batteries

The home depot is among the top shipping companies that offer Ryobi batteries at affordable rates. They ship fresh and newly manufactured Ryobi batteries worldwide by purchasing it from the producer ever month to keep the battery stock maintained and prevent the chance of having a damaged battery. Here, the home depot will provide you with various Ryobi batteries such as:

Ryobi Battery 40v Lithium-Ion Battery of 6 Ah power high capacity


  • Works with all power tools of Ryobi
  • The ultimate high capacity of 6 ah will provide you with an extra running time.


  • Lightweight battery
  • It works at full efficiency until the battery is exhausted.
  • It can be quickly charged with Ryobi quick charger


  • It may be a bit pricy, but you will be assured that you are getting what you pay for

Ryobi 40v lithium-ion battery of 4ah high capacity and charger


  • The shipment of battery is available worldwide.
  • It offers 2X more running time as compared to 2.0 ah of Ryobi 40va compact battery.
  • It is equipped with an on-board battery indicator to tell you about the remaining charge left.
  • It is backed by three years of warranty.
  • It works with all Ryobi 40v tools.


  • It provides higher performance along with fade-free power.
  • It has an on-board indicator for the remaining life.
  • The battery is light weighted.


  • It is priced a bit high as compared to other 4ah Ryobi batteries.

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